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Mirandopolis Int. Airport

Again a public building of Mirandopolis. It seems to become a little series ;)
This time it's the airport.
Sorry for not updating more often! I have to learn way too much anatomy, chemistry and physics these days so there's not much time for painting. However, I must say the anatomy lessons are such a great inspiration. Human anatomy gives me bunches of ideas and also helps me to imagine 3d things in my mind.
Anyways, enough excuses... Have a nice day! :)
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IT LOOKS GREAT! but isn't the escalator a little bit tilted?
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I can just imagine actually walking through this... wouldn't that be amazing? I'd love to be able to go into your paintings.
Queen-of-Randomness's avatar
:shakefish: I so wish I could do stuff like this!

Practice makes perfect, I suppose. :D Inspiring!
Hwaigon's avatar
you might have heard this, but it seems to me more like a main train station - like abe´sexodus one.
really like it,

(btw, you study medicine or what ? how can you make studying all those difficult subjects and paint like THIS ? )
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Simply amazing. :heart:
babette-huenerwadel's avatar
wow, I'm wordless! simply amazing! love the colors, the light, the point of view, just all...

:heart: :heart: :heart:
LaRubi's avatar
It's wonderful! I feel like I could just walk right into it!
Inqy's avatar
The lighting is so surreal and beautiful, and I love the fantastical structures. Great messy painting, it's beautiful! ^_^
irikaru's avatar
this looks gorgeous im loving it!!
Mase-chan's avatar
It conveys a beautiful atmosphere and the design of the place is gorgeous along with the colors! Splendid job! *o* :clap:
kdhruthireddy's avatar
just love it!!! absolutely love it!!!
OriginalShaggy's avatar
It's looks very great, I like when ppl draw sth messy but when it looks wonderful.
Expesially I love this colors, lights. Very great composition.
in what programm you did it?
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Thank you so much! :heart:
I use Photoshop for all my paintings...
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awesome concept. i really like it
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This is just stunning...
photocrafter's avatar
ALL I can say is WOW!
Veliremus's avatar
Amazing! I wish I could paint like that, or even close to that...
thomas-darktrack's avatar

absolutely great ! truly well done :clap:
NightFell's avatar
i love how rough yet how detailed everything is- the contrast gives it a very out-of-world feeling...gorgeous work!
Dashiana's avatar
B-E-A-utiful. O_O
Love that fantasy-like design in there. :heart:
chocosweete's avatar
AMAZING DETAIL~ you are so unbelievably talented *O*
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