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Alpine Fulcrum

Ayye, it's me again :)
Hope you can see a bit of my effort in smaller details - something I often neglected in my other pics.
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That is awesome!!!
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Mind if I use this in an RP? I'll give you credit, of course.
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Yeah, you can use it for your RP. Please write "(c) 2010 Reto Kaul." with a link to my website. Thanks.
xetoxgarshiz's avatar
I love how you draw scenery...I'll start watching you now! *watching*
Naotachai's avatar
Absolutely fantastic... *fav*
methud's avatar
I think the blue tint gives the composition an over all ambient feel...
xRed-thunderDragoNx's avatar
the lighting here is fantastic!
you made such a perfect night. :+fav: surely
Scary-Harriet's avatar
Yep, it shows that you gave attention to details. Shows a lot, to be true.
Great! in general.
foeo's avatar
Interesting scene. Inspiring in fact. Already giving me ideas for my sci-fi project after the first glance :) .
sebash's avatar
amaizing colours...
Age2003's avatar
I really love the great colours used here, beautiful blue shades. :D
I'd buy this as a print. Seriously. :)
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That's really great! It looks like professional-grade concept art for some sort of game or movie. You really know your stuff!
RaNdOm-HeRo58's avatar
Love the concept and the darkness to it. :)
Jaen-ni-rin's avatar
Awesome thing.
Russian fighters for da win.
Mood, atmosphere and lighning too.
ziwu's avatar
Sweet lighting!
Tkrain's avatar
Nicely done! And yes, the details are excellent!
dude im working so hard towards being able to do this:) lol great work ,awesome and critz and advice you can offer my work ,id so appreate,soooo much:) keep up the great work and the pace.A paint allways paints:)
gizmodus's avatar
lol looking at your gallery you really don't need my advice... ;)
register at [link] and open a sketchbook, it's the best thing you can do. Apart from that look at pictures of the real masters. Here are some links:
Craig Mullins: [link]
"wasssup": [link]
Huge thread full of great speedpainters: [link]
Good luck! :D
thanks bro for your time:)
gizmodus's avatar
You're welcome :)
portwolf's avatar
f*ckin superb!
Br0wnnie's avatar
Downright gorgeous!
DarthFar's avatar
I love this! The perspective, the mood... and the fact that there is just so much to look at.
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