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This is Fallen, a repainting of the sketch found here :[link]

She is meant to eventually have a pairing image that will be done completely opposite her.

Edit: Which is now finished.
Grace is now found here: [link]

Created using 12x9 Genius Graphics tablet and Adobe Photoshop CS3
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this is beautiful. I especially love how the cell window at first glance looks like a moon. :)
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I am glad you like it. Thank you.
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Wow, I love this image. It all works great, and those wings are so badass. :D

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Thank you! Glad you like it. ;)

And thanks for the fave on it. :D
Vays's avatar
The wings are awesome, good joooooooob ! =D
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Thank you! And thanks for faving it!
IceDragonCosplay's avatar
wow the coloring is really good
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the body angle and head looks a bit awkward just look more at poses for help with that, the wings look cool though. also legs should probably be longer
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I wanted her to look a bit awkward, tired... she's been down in that dungeon, cramped up for awhile... but it didn't turn out perfectly like I wanted. However; It's really close to the image in my head...

Although I did do her without any references at all... I'm currently looking for some poses for her opposite image... I'm hoping he'll come out better...

Thanks for the critique! I'll try to make the next image better! :D
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nice, very nice!!
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Thank you, and thanks for faving it!
Shadows-at-Dusk's avatar
Its great but...

Her wings look a little too metallic looking...

(i'm being a buzz kill today)
Gizmodian's avatar
*Runs after Shady with a buzz-clipper* I'll buzz you!

That's actually the look I was going for. Heavy, sharp, and kinda bladed. Thanks!
Shadows-at-Dusk's avatar
Well then the picture is amazing...

Better than anything I could do (ZING ON MYSELF!)
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Amazing, especially the lighting. :+fav:
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I'm glad you like it! And thanks for faving it!
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Oh, my gosh...the feathers...just looking makes me hands hurt...I'm impressed. This is really great.
Gizmodian's avatar

And yes... I hate feathers now... and I have a whole 'nother picture in which to do the same thing...
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Thanks, glad you think so... usually none of my paintings start to look like they're supposed to until the very end...
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That's the hotness, man.

Love the wings.
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