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I'm in the process of doing a print calendar on the zodiac signs theme. Each month has its sign, illustrated by a lady in light outfits. I've done nine so far, and I have taurus, pisces and cancer left to do.

Here is a shot at was it looks like :
Zodiacales - Virgo by Gizmoatwork
Comments, crits, encouragements and advices are welcome.
Here's a brand new year ! by Gizmoatwork

My best wishes for this brand new year !
Yeh, contest !

I've entered the "Draw this again contest"
Check my entry here :
It's great fun to see all those people improving so much so fast. It's encouraging.
And it also show that behind any talent, first comes a LOT of hard work and dedication.
Jolies demoiselles, gentils damoiseaux !

I've just entered the Retro-Future contest. You can have a look at my entry here :
If you like it, you can even vote for it, and maybe someday, it will become a real physical object we can wear. What a sweet thought !