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I finally decided to displace into the "scraps section" my project Milonga for the time being. Indeed, because of numerous changes or schedule problems, I have lacked enough time to rebuild this icon set as I wished (larger sizes, better resolutions and so on). I have tried several times to plan new work on this former project, but I wonder if there is not a kind of curse of the deadline, because each attempt was a resounding failure till now. At least for now, my gallery is clearer like this...
The fourth (and probably final) phase of reorganization of my old deviations is again devoted to the major part of my contributions to date: websites.
All concerned deviations have henceforth been treated with revised titles (according to release dates) and blurbs (in French).
This task aims to create an homogeneous content among my professional portfolio and the exhibits which are presented here.
The third phase involves the most important part of my contributions to date: websites.
Half of concerned deviations have been treated with revised blurbs (in French) which are now extracted from the professional portfolio, with an additional link to more information.
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During this second phase, all the old stuff related to icons design was revised according to new devoted portfolio (in which the links have been fixed).
On the other hand, a new gallery devoted to "brands" was created, and three old logos were dispatched there, with updated descriptions (in French) derived from the other portfolio.
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To restart on good foundations, let's begin this year with cleaning very old stuff...
This first phase only focuses on first attempts of making some wallpapers: texts and links were revised according to new devoted portfolio (in which the links have also been fixed).
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In two days, there will be eight years since I registered on this network, one of the very first that I actually frequented, even if sparingly.

It may be time to put some order, simultaneously amongst different people whose I follow up the works or amongst various elements that I liked at some point, but perhaps also amongst my own (and infrequent) contributions.

I don't know yet what will be the best way to proceed but I think that a serious cleaning seems necessary.
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My venerable computer companion who supported me for 7 years has passed away last February... The time to order and receive a new computer, the time to reinstall all software (and realizing that some must be replaced), the time to tame the beast that lies in this new 64-bit system... I am only beginning to regain my bearings...
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For his seventh birthday, the very first issue of the fifth version of my website changes now its perspective: it leaves the dabbler side to be clearly oriented towards a true digital portfolio, which displays different types of work, therefore including achievements in the webdesign field. For now, only these creations are actually presented, but those from other kinds shouldn't delay to reappear at this new address.

For now, like any α release, this site is still far from complete and finished —but this kind of work is never really finished… This new version is a first attempt in using some technics still in draft, like HTML 5 or CSS 3. All the necessary tools to implement these recent abilities aren't really efficient at the moment: some operations as parsing the code or its validation still need time to be correctly done.
Finally something new!
This time, the coat of arms that is now used as a logo seems almost final. But this is not the case of the new website that I just put online, of course. The abbreviation I use here does not refer to a "creative suite" but to the well-known expression "coming soon" ... Waiting now the day where this expression could be taken literally.
Yesterday, the small footprint that was the basis for my logo during almost six years has given way to a new concept, almost a kind of "canting arms". Maybe if things are progressing normally, this should bode various innovations to come...
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It seems that there is nothing really new since I installed in that other land of cheese: the snow is abundant, while the time, however...
Following the recent improvements on deviantArt, I (finally!) took a few moments to properly classify my favorites (pending something more personal).
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Now, deviantArt way to organize very clearly our crafts. Perfect! I thought, to begin properly next year, I would have to put some order in my files and folders. I will try to take this opportunity to update some old things, or perhaps, refresh different junk, now fossilized on my hard drive...
Even when it was called differently, I didn't really like the new version visual style of the most spread system in the world. The aspect of the principal commercial competitor, with its cat-like names, seems a little more convincing to me...

But for some years now, the different visual from the free systems weary me less. I had a Crystal period (I use two more topics of this kind, a Nuvola period (some icons trail on my discs) and now, a Tango period… (as visible on my recent desktop…, without speaking about deviations available,… for example).

Graphic turn before software turn?
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This New Year's Day, my old chap pleasantly offered me the complete licence of a software which I have used for more than four years. I do not have now any more shame to show my desktop looks like. I don't know if I would present future changes here, but for the moment, that looks like that….