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Aprikosenfarben is a set of 16:9 aspect ratio wallpapers using apricot color schemes for illustrating summer warm vibes.

# About

When I hear about summer warm vibes, I often think about apricot, a particularly representative and symbolic fruit of this period, especially in in the part of the country where I'm living. That's why, when I have read about "Devious Desktops Warm Vibes", I thought about a color palette based on this fruit (aprikosenfarben stands for apricot coloured  in German).

A color seems to have been defined under this name of apricot, using the hexadecimal triplet #FBCEB1: "a light yellowish-orangish color that is (...) somewhat paler than actual apricots" (according to English Wikipedia]. On the other hand, the famous color supplier Pantone owns a particular definition about what could be apricot color: coded 15-1153 TPX in its matching system](#F2932E is suggested as hexadecimal value), it's much more like a shade of orange.

Regarding the basic design scheme, as the challenge is mainly focused on the topic of wide screens and large displays, I drew inspiration from how the concepts of ratio or resolution could be graphically represented, as the Icons8 team did to design some of their icons, for example.

# Content

This set consists of 6 files, articulated as follows:

-   color schemes:

    1.  #FBCEB1 variant (suffixed -n for normalized)
    2.  #F2932E variant (suffixed -p for Pantone)

-   resolutions:
    1.  3840×2160 px
    2.  2560×1600 px
    3.  1920×1080 px

# Licence

Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)
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A screenshot of this wallpaper in use:

Giztop 19.1: Apricot vibe by GizMecano