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Please read through those rules if you want to use any of my works (whether it's stock or not):

1. You may use all my deviations (except my photographs) for (almost!) whatever you like -  as long as you don't sell or redistribute them in any other way.

1a) Though using one of my deviations on your myspace, facebook, personal website or something similar might be considered "redistributing", I give you permission to do so as long as the website is personal (e.g. like a myspace-profile) and non-commercial.

1b) However, uploading my deviations to websites like deviantAart (that means every kind of website that offers wallpapers or similar contents as downloads to the general public) is considerd redistributing them and therfore not allowed.

1c) Never use my deviations in pornographic or unlawful contexts and especially not in something related to fashism, racism, genocide and extreme political beliefs. Don't use it for any kind of "Nazi Art", "Hate Propaganda" or anything that glorifies World War 2, the Nazis, the 3rd Reich or anything related to that!!!
(Remember that in Germany, symbols like swastikas are even unconstitutional and that their use may be punished with a 3-year prison term (!), so I do not want to see my works used in such a context!)

2. No matter how you use it, don't claim that my deviations are your own work.
This includes that you don't erase my name or any references to my deviantArt profile that I've included in the deviation.

3. If you use one of my works for a project of your own, give credit to me.
That means linking to my original deviation in the description area of your work and sending me a link to your work somehow (in my profile, the comment area of the used deviation, via email,...whatever). You don't have to, but please fav and comment my deviation if you use it. If I like your work, I will also comment on it or fav it.

4. You don't have to fav or comment my deviations if you just download them for using them as your personal desktop wallpaper; however, you would still make me very happy with a comment :)

That should be it :) I don't think those rules were that's more like common sense in my eyes.
Thanks for reading and respecting my rules:) Have fun with my deviations!
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