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EBF5 foe competition: The totem



So the Totem (Feel free to call it what you want) is a monolith (I thought it would be interesting to have a bit more of a "lively" monolith)
Resistances: Poison (200%) , Earth (150%), Water (150%), Holy (50%)
Weaknesses: Fire (-60%), Ice (-50%), Dark (-40%), Bomb (-40%)
Status resistance: Stun (100%), Death (75%), Syphon (60%), Freeze (60%), Weaken (40%)
Status weakness: Burn (-30%)
Attack info:
    1 (shown in top right): thorny vines come from behind the totem and hit one opponent for poison damage (chance for poison)
    2 (top left) The totem falls forward and creates a "shockwave" from the rocks dealing moderate earth damage to one (two in higher difficulties) opponents (small chance to stagger)
    3 (bottom left) The top part of the totem flys (feel free to choose what this may look like) into two opponents for non-elemental damage (chance to stagger on higher difficulties)
    4 (bottom right) "rise of the forest" requires charging the turn before, trees sprout out from under all 3 opponents dealing damage twice (may poison, may stagger on higher difficulties)
There can be more attacks that it can use, I just didn't have enough space to show it.
(also if possible, it might spawn 2 (4 on higher difficulty) wooden idols on death)

Animation info: The black eyes on the 3rd face from the bottom blink, and the sections occasionally shake as if it might collapse.
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That's a nice one!I really liked the concept of it.