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Diamond Tiara

This is a vector I made for a friend's birthday, which was the 16th of December ^^.

Update: A few little (but pretty important) errors fixed ^^.


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Can i use it please
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Which episode is that dress from? It's so cute!
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It's from Flight to the Finish ^^.
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I don't get why most vectors are so large.
When they're this large it takes a lot of memory.
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I'm sorry, it's a requirement of the group I usually post my vectors in ^^'.
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Oh, I don't know why they would want them that large.
It's almost 10,000 resolution would cost 1 Gigabyte or more and would most likely crash your art programs if you try to edit them because it's too large for the program to handle.
I tried that and it crashed.
Why on earth would they want that large of a file?
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I don't know what you downloaded, because the .png file I uploaded here only costs 1.6 megabyte and can be opened with GIMP without any problem :/. Anyway, you can find a less large file (which only costs 702.4 kilobytes this time) here and if you need another size, just tell me ^^.
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Not this one.
Another was that size...unbelievable right?

This one isn't that bad anyway.
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Admit what?
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She looked cute in that dress :meow:
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Well DT always looks cute ;)
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