Monthly feature - July 2016

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Hello everyone!

Few months have passed, but we didn't forget about July 2016 feature journal!

Unfortunately, BabcinyPasztet has no time at the moment, so this time all the choices are made by me only.
To feature the most unknown artists, I'll be chosing from people with 300 watchers or less.

As always, we'll choose up to 6 arts to keep the journal clean. I'm reminding you that it's totally subjective choice.
If you have your own
favourites from current month, you can share with us in the comments! ^^
There are 6 top pieces and 10 more that we considered to put in top 6, but in the end we decided to choose something else.

Monthly feature - July 2016

Windmills of the West of Portugal by PauloPPereira

This shot is my absolute favourite - I love the symmetry between clouds and hills. Little house on the left catches our attention, but is small enough not to steal it all. Colors are warm and very pleasant.

Deep sleep by 13PaVel

This artist's gallery is filled with beautiful, detailed and well-made surreal drawings. I'm pleased to show you one of them: its quality speaks for itself. I'm amazed with amount of details here - all the little cars, buildings elements, even all those little bubbles in foam. You can stare at it for long time at discover new shapes and strokes that he made. I really recommend to check his other works and give him some love :heart:

shambles by ManFr0mNowhere

"There's something happening" - my first thought when I saw it. And indeed there is - no matter which part of the picture you choose, there are characters and action going. Everything is detailed, but put together so well that it doesn't create the feeling of chaos. I like the pastel colours he used, they create this pleasant feeling of warm and calmness. Again, this one is good for a longer stare as well and I recommend to check his other works too!

Copper hills by LiliiaSokolova

This piece of jewellery is really well made. Despite having so many little parts and details it looks conherent. All the colorful stones are placed in such way that it creates a good looking composition. I also enjoy the way of presentation of the object.

Summer... by qaxtx

This shot doesn't contain much, but in its simplicism hides the meaning and calm but mysterious atmosphere. Personally I interpretate it as a symbol of sanctity of life - or the mother as a one that "creates" the life.

Keep calm and let the music start by multyashka-sweet

I very much enjoy the style of this artist - very friendly and cartoony, but at the same picture is very detailed and is lacking nothing. I also admire the shadowwork of this one. Again, we have a very warm and calm atmosphere, which I really adore (especially when it's so cold outside).

More beautiful pieces ♥

M. by jagodareczekKasia by fineuss
Higher Elf by DeepseaweedBeg for Prison by dreamplan2010
Street paint practice by TeslaRockDemon by rasty690
Levi Ackerman by teddibeAustralia Florin Coin Ring by TCSCustoms
Water Lily by steel--blueCHILLING!!! by feliu
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