Monthly feature - January 2017

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Hello everyone!

First month of 2017 was full of beautiful artworks from great artists. Here are some of my personal favourites from the most unknown ones.

Unfortunately, BabcinyPasztet (our second admin) has no time at the moment, so this time all the choices are made by me only.
To feature the most unknown artists, I'll be chosing from people with 300 watchers or less.

As always, we'll choose up to 6 arts to keep the journal clean. I'm reminding you that it's totally subjective choice.
If you have your own
favourites from current month, you can share with us in the comments! ^^
There are 6 top pieces and 10 more that we considered to put in top 6, but in the end we decided to choose something else.

Monthly feature - January 2017

Alien mamushka by SaPov

I'm completely amazed and full of admiration for the creator of this animation - very smooth loop, pleasant colors, come nice little details (sparks, saliva). I know how much work and time can it take to make something like this, so I highly recommend you to check out his beautiful gallery and give him the love that he deserves :heart:

Divinity by Esherymack

This beautiful 3D fractal got me because of it's calm, christmas-like armosphere created by cold shadows contrasting with warm lights. I like the focus and defocus effect like in macro photography.

Forgotten Outpost by Enthing

Except good lights and shadows, great colors, details and atmosphere, I like how artist included there an element of mystery and adventure by putting elements like weaponry in the middle of seemingly abandoned valley. It makes you not only admire the beautiful view, but also wonder a little about the hidden meaning.

Hugh Jackman :Logan negative drawing by JakubQaazAdamski

The idea of colour-inverted drawings isn't new, but this drawing is a perfect example how to make it well. I like all the little details artist added here - they're definitely trickier to figure out when you draw in the opposite way it's supposed to be seen in the end.


Here we have a well-made 3D caricature: detailed textures, great lighting and pleasant, warm feel. I adore man's dynamic face expression. Blured, but detailed background tells us a lot about this character and his work. If you want to see more of these, feel free to check out his gallery :)

Mountain Cup by 13PaVel

I like the surreal feel of this artist's drawings. As in every one of his, here again we can admire some great detail and care about every single element of the painting.

More beautiful pieces ♥

Cayenne Plush by LatenoongloryBlastoice by dekunobou-kizakura
You failed, Champion by Solanja Warm day in the town of undead by Nerva1
Internet!? by WalkingGedisMemories of Green (Spike Spiegel cosplay) by TimeyWimey-007
Fantasy Creatures In Modern Worlds - Werewolves by CeltiliaNeck - the Emergence by Deepseaweed
It's a Dragon by ambueLady Pole's dream by OwlPolaris
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SaPov's avatar
Aw wow im very glad you like it Klaudia :) thanks for your nice words and for sharing! 
KanahaniART's avatar
No problem! Such great animation is worth sharing :D
JakubQaazAdamski's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature my work ! I appreciate it :) 
KanahaniART's avatar
No problem! It's truly amazing <3
ambue's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature!!
KanahaniART's avatar
No problem! That's a lovely dragon <3
Celtilia's avatar
<3 thanks for the feauture!!
KanahaniART's avatar
No problem! :heart: That's a really cool drawing ^^
Esherymack's avatar
Thank you for the feature! :heart:
Beautiful works by everyone :dummy:
KanahaniART's avatar
No problem, your fractal is amazing <3
Aren't they? :D
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