Monthly feature - December 2016

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Hello everyone!

2016 is over, so here's the last monthly feature from that year. It was a great year in terms of amounts of beautiful artwork in our group :)

Unfortunately, BabcinyPasztet (our second admin) has no time at the moment, so this time all the choices are made by me only.
To feature the most unknown artists, I'll be chosing from people with 300 watchers or less.

As always, we'll choose up to 6 arts to keep the journal clean. I'm reminding you that it's totally subjective choice.
If you have your own
favourites from current month, you can share with us in the comments! ^^
There are 6 top pieces and 10 more that we considered to put in top 6, but in the end we decided to choose something else.

Monthly feature - December 2016

Eight of cups by R-Aters

I love the "tarot cards" series from this artist, and this is one of my favourites so far. I adore every single element of it: great use of composition, beautifully working colors, interesting feeling of flat-like perspective and all those little details. I like how with putting white hair (the brightest element) in the centre of the image + using symmetric shapes (circles, squares, symmetric elements) artist achieved the feeling of harmony.

Tales of Kyraesh by cheker123

This photomanipulation feels like a dream that crosses the barrier of all the rules that apply to our world. Elements very well put together, beautiful colors, contrasting emotions (the warrior seems sad, but warm and bright colors make it feel happy) and the feeling of adventure in different world made me put this artwork in the top 6.

Speak If You Dare by Tess-Eisinger

The artist shows us a beautifully made imagination of a fictional creature that a dragon is by using few different digital techniques. I'm amazed with the effort put into all those minor details and textures, especially its scales. I like the dark and mysterious atmosphere here too.

Magician's Secret by dreamplan2010

Good use of central composition, dynamic elements and poses, bright and saturated colors that work well together and great amount of details made me feature this artwork in this journal. I'm amazed how every single piece looks so smooth and fnished.

DA: The Answer is not that hard to find... by Domnorian

This piece does an amazing job with imitating a screenshot from some animated series (which I'd definitely watch ;)). I love how the style looks simplified (as in an animation), but at the same time it has enough details not to feel empty. This "screenshot" shows us an interesting situation and tells us much about the story and a bit about the characters.


I like this painting because of its simple and clear form with limited color scheme, but at the same time it's full of symbolics and hidden meaning. Even if there's not much elements, every single one of those existing is finished and very detailed - we can see a lot of care put into making this piece of art :)

More beautiful pieces ♥

DAO: Zevran by ladysilvanaSnails coach by wolfieous
Helleborus Foetidus Mutans by gannjondalA morning in the subway station. by NinjaPupper
Passionate by 13PaVelPink Orchid Jewelry Gift Set 02 by AlterDoll
Request: Death Knights by A-ShiftDreamcatcher by dounyatsu
Backward water by OwlPolarisSunrise .:BT:. Mikolajki by Asztat
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Thank you so much for the feature! Heart 
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You're welcome! ^^
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Thank you for the feature! :D
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thank you so much for the feature <3
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You're welcome! Your photomanipulation is truly beautiful <3
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amazing selection! :clap:
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