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Hello everyone!

We're late a bit with April's feature, but better now than never. :)
This time I felt like featuring REALLY unknown but awesome artists, so I've chosen pieces that I loved and that came from people with less than 300 watchers. BabcinyPasztet tries to support this idea too (partly at least). Let us know if you like it too! ;)

Before we begin, we want to remind you about our previous journal, where we asked you a few questions about "Who is unknown?" or submitting character renders (which are forbidden at the moment) and other important stuff:
Info #1 - Time for changes!Hello everyone!
Our little group is existing here for over half a year and it's still growing! Since October 2015 we've collected so many beautiful artworks from not well-known artists here on deviantArt. We featured a lot of masterpieces and, hopefully, gave those amazing artists more love that they truly deserve. :heart:
This group was an experiment, an unplanned realization of our will to promote all those people that we knew (and a lot of people that we didn't), that have been unseen for all this time. Personally I'm glad with the result of our work so far and I truly hope that we'll be able to give more help to more people. I want to thank you for all your support, that you're here, submit your artworks and give us some feedback about this project.
Even if this group is generally going in the right direction, it can still be better.
Things we want to do for sure
We'll still be doing "monthly feature" journals in the same way we did before. Personally I like them very much and you

As always, we'll choose up to 6 arts to keep the journal clean. I'm reminding you that it's totally subjective choice.
If you have your own
favourites from current month, you can share with us in the comments! ^^
There are 6 top pieces and 10 more that we considered to put in top 6, but in the end we decided to choose something else.

Monthly feature - April 2016

Monkey King v Dragon King: Dawn of Heaven Ruin by Shengism

If you know me and my love for really dynamic pieces, you'll understand why I've chosen this piece. You can almost feel the movement and speed here, which shows us better how fast and dramatic this fight is - a lot of perspective and curves helped in making it look like that. Artist also made an awesome job with details here. The dragon looks like a giant, creepy creature. I want to mention colors too - I love the transition from warm hues in the foreground to cold ones in the background. Summing up, I'm truly amazed and I totally recommend to look through his awesome gallery - there's a lot of beautiful, detailed, dynamic pieces :heart:

As Kana mentioned this pic is a dynamic piece of work. Yet I do not completely agree with her choice. There are some things that bother my mind and eyes and that thing is the balance between colors and items/characters. The right side of this picture is dynamic and gives us a feeling of an action going on, yet the left side is too empty. There's not enough orange nor spacefillers. Im not sure if that matters in 100% but it kinda bothers me. Yet I'm impressed by the number of details shown above and the concept of it all seems very neat to me. Very creative c:

Cop by Dejanfox

This piece is fairly simple if it comes to the background, but we can admire a lot of details put on the character - they are really well done! I love the work with lights and shadows, all those reflections look pretty realistic. This painting has some simple, but pleasant colors and is really nice to look at. :) I've discovered this artist by accident, but I can completely recommend you to watch his gallery. He has only 17 watchers! Go give him some love, he deserves it ;-;

I love the color palette as much as I love the depth of field! I enjoy looking at it for a lot reasons like, the theme, the "personality" of this image, the minimalistic touch in it. As Kana mentioned, the background and the foreground isn't the most detailed, but the character present on this picture is detailed enough to keep us interested. It tells a story, and make us ask ourselves certain questions like "What happened?", "Who is it", "What is it", "What is it doing?" etc. etc.

IDDQD motherf*ckers!!! by StarWolfEmperial

It's the second time I'm featuring this artist in our "top 6". There's no doubt that his artwork is totally badass - just look at this example! Pretty dynamic, very detailed piece of a fighting scene. There's something to look at everywhere: a number of enemies, splashing blood, particles etc. At the same time it fits together really well and doesn't look like it's too much stuff at once. Go and check out more of his artwork, it's badass as well! :')

I must admit im not into such arts, yet this one seems to stand out of the rest. I really enjoy the lights and shadows, and that orange color mixed with some darker colors. C: The other things I like are the amout of action, everywhere you look there's something going on and I find this aspect really valuable in art. Good job!

Lunch break by 13PaVel

WOW Holy Thor, when I saw this I was impresed by the quality and the idea and the composition of this photography, but WRONG - It's a drawning! A traditional drawning! I'm pretty sure this artist was mentioned in our journal before, but let's be serious, he's mega talented. I'm not sure if this artist based this picture on something or if the artist used any reference because I see no link in the description, but even that the art itself is pretty impressive just by the way it is made! Great job, keep it up!

Every time I look at it my mind is completely destroyed. It's caused by greyish colors and this weird feel of infinite, never-ending place where levitates a guy sitting on a chair. Also the number of details - it's almost unbelievable! I can't imagine how long did it take to make it look like that, but it definietly wasn't a wasted time ;)

1 by KrisaHe

Im a huge fan of such coloring technique! It reminds me of a mix between @ sakimichan & the autor of the bdsm inspired comic Sunstone- @ shiniez. I can't explain why tho. Sweating a little... Everything is made quite simplistic, but the texture gives us a feeling of a more detailed picture. The background might be a little less detailed, and without the foreground branch, it would look like a kinda sort of render. Yet I still enjoy the view of the picture, it's nice and interesting ^^

I really enjoy the pretty soft coloring in this one too. Colors themselves are really well matched - there are warm and cold ones, but they seem to work together pretty well. I also adore this interesting effect where plants and items become more and more liquid - it's nice to see such artistic treatment.

Spring by NovaFlux

I love the dark & cold colors with a little spice of the rainbow, neon-ish ones. c: It gives us a calm feeling, because I think it reminds us of night, when everyone is asleep so everyone is sleeping and resting waiting for an another day. At least when you don't live in a metropolia when the city never asleep. But I'm pretty sure no one would think of this picture that way, because the piece of the gear is a little bit rusty and it has that old look. It's not shiny and light either. It's dark and mat. And it's very peaceful, and I love it!

I'm watching this artist's photos for a while and I've noticed a specific mood in them: pretty usual items shown in cold, dark hues with this interesting, mysterious feel. This one is like that too - pretty unusual object to make photos of, but really well made. I like how rusty texture looks there almost like a rainbow, but at the same time photo is still dark and moody. :)

More beautiful pieces ♥

Discerpo by PoecilusUntitled by MisMist
Jewelry Set with Roses and Faces by AlterDoll
Cityscape by orange-magik
Galaxy by FuzzyMaroJasper's Bonsai by SerenityWireDesigns
Flowers by artbyklaudiajozwiakSee by Ludmila-Cera-Foce
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thank you, i feel so proud that my work shown up here XD
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No problem! It's awesome <3
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THank you very much :) Dziękuję bardzo :) :)
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Np proszę bardzo <3
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Beautiful selection!!:love::love: 
Everyone is so talented! I am really drawn to Spring. I didn't think there would be such beauty in rust:heart: 
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Yeah, that's the magic of photography, that can make usual places/objects/people look fantastic and beautiful :heart:
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Dziękuję bardzo :) 
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Thank you for appreciation!
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I am blown away. I can't think you enough :happybounce: Love 
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You're welcome! It's really beautiful <3
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