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Hello mates, this is another theme for Windows 7 Users

Like I promise, here is a free Vs for every :devart:. If you are askin why Vidko, I don't know i just made the name by myself ;p

This theme works for Top, Bottom, Left, & Right taskbar. It should work with x32 and x64 bits ;)

Hope u like it and :love: it

Tools: =Kishan-Bagaria
Walls: Unknown

How-To Video

The .rar pack includes:
Vidko Theme
Orb for top & bottom taskbar
Explorerframe, for x64 & x86 users
Tools "Add Take Owenership Option", "Uxtheme Patch", "Windows 7 Start Orb Changer"

UPDATE #2 [03/19/12]:

Add a white version
Fixed some minor bugs

UPDATE #1 [12/22/11]:

Change some .bmp image for explorerframe
Add top & bottom orb
Decrease the size of the .rar
Fixed some bug in buttons
Change wallpaper
Change preview

If there is any bugs plz report it to me!

Themes For Win7:

Please comment and :+fav:

I apreciate the :+fav: even if i may not say "Thank You"

Questions? Comments? Feel free ;)


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:star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

Mmm... Bueno, es la primera crítica que hago. A mí me parece algo casi perfecto, pero lo que yo lo cambaría, aunque sea poco, sería, la barra de tareas, que no me parece que combine mucho negra totalmente, le vendría bien un poco de transparencia, para que haga juego con el marco de las ventanas. También cambiaría los íconos, ponerle tal vez algo Pixel Art. En la ventana de preferencias de la barra de tareas, el botón de salir está mal centrado, es algo mínimo, pero se puede mejorar. La Orb también la puedes cambiar por algo más "grueso", no sólo un simple punto, tal vez le puedes poner el ícono de tu pack "Lindos". Saludos.
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Gracias por la Critica, Devedrp96: :hug:.

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This is such a nice VS :thumbsup:
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Really like the skin! Heart :happybounce:  Am using it now, but I find that the clock and date on the taskbar are hard to read. Is there a way I can change the font color to white? :3 Hi! 
this theme i love that yours
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The only thing that I wish would be changed is the "Remove/Install Programs", where the VidkoWhite theme shows the 'Organize, Properties, etc.' bar as blue instead of white. You think you could fix that?
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I will see what i can do!
i really like this theme. can you make a new version with a glass taskbar?
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Thanks and sorry i'm too busy, so i can't.
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great theme, can you tell me how to put the details pane small as in the screenshot?
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Thank you, Right Click on taskbar -> properties -> Use Small Icons.
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Could you tell me where I place all the files? just everything inside the themes folder or do i have to place on other places too?
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oye esos son mejores efectos lo que estaba esperando me gustaria que me dieras la oportunidasd de tener windows fx 5 te lo agradesere att. gracias....
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I Love you theme
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I love the taskbar!!!!!!!!!! Awesome work!!!!!!
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