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Hello mates, here is the theme from my last shot.
This theme should supports x32 & x64.

Hope u like it and :love: it!

Credit & Inspiration:

Note: plz disabled the blur so it can look like in the preview! :wave:

How-To Video

ExplorerFrames.dll Here!

The .rar pack includes:
Tapek Theme
Orbs for top & bottom
Tools "Windows7aeroblurtweaker"

In Action
Shell32 file here

UPDATE #2 [04/16/12]:

Fixed some minor bugs
Fixed the tasbar button flash
New caption buttons
Change preview

UPDATE #1 [12/17/11]:

Add left and right taskbar
Change taskbar button
Fixed button bug
Change progressive color
New background wall
Change preview

If there is any bugs plz report it to me!

Themes For Win7:

Please comment and :+fav:

I apreciate the :+fav: even if i may not say "Thank You"

Questions? Comments? Feel free ;)


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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

Empecemos por los bordes, la verdad un estilo simple y elegante, bordes muy delgados, el taskbar, de igual manera, delgada y elegante un tono negro que la caracteriza, los iconos les dan ese toque especial al tema. Haciéndolo minimalista, y de alguna manera "lindo", el diseño de los botones para cerrar, minimizar y agrandar son espectaculares, un diseño en forma de cuadro que casi nunca se ve. El wallpaper con esos colores y matices pasteles le dan el acabado perfecto para combinar y resaltar un tema de este calibre. Para concluir el aspecto general del tema. La verdad sorprendente creativo y sobre todo elegante. No pierdas ese estilo minimalista que te caracteriza.
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for win10 ??

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Excellent work !
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Hey, can you send me this folders icons? 
link to download explorerframes.dll not working... (2)
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Clean.  Nice work.
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link to download explorerframes.dll not working...
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this theme can also run in windows 8/.1????
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Excelente tema!
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Hello, great theme! Is there a way to change the taskbar active application color from light grey to a darker more subtle color? Heres an image of what I'm referring to… Thanks
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Yes with ave style builder.
Hi, this theme is amazing! I really love it, but I have a problem and I want to solve it because this theme is great. So I don't know why, but when I install it, I don't have the same color in the top of my computer/documents/download space. I have a screen to show you the problem :…

Thank you!
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It looks fine as it is, but you can try removing the blur or reinstalling. 
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Hi there, I've been using your theme for a very long time and I really want to know where you got that wallpaper. I think you already posted before that you don't have a link, but do you anywhere else that I can find wallpapers like the one in your preview? Thanks a ton =)
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Hello, you Tapek topic on the sides of the shadow like to remove it? for example in the topic
Osсuro this shade no  

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I know you've probably had enough of people commenting on this deviation considering when you posted it but I have a problem I really can't find a work-around for. The blur .exe doesn't work, it comes up with this error: [link]

Here is the textlog from the error: [link]
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They you!!! :D I always forget to check that site, thank you so much. :3
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Cool! but didnt like the visuals, it looks a bit different from mine... i have blur tweaked!
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Note me your problem.
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