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Here is another RM skin. This time i't looks Minimal, Thanks to ~federico96 for the Idea. ;p

You better like it! :stinkeye:

Note: Don't forget to have the latest version of Rainmeter. :wizardhat:
And to change the name of the city just open the .ini file and look for CityName= Hamilton and just change it to yours.

UPDATE #1 [08/14/12]:

Made the clock for 12 hrs & 24 hrs.
Made the weather for Fahrenheit & Celsius.

If there is any bugs plz report it to me only me! :worker:

Please comment and :+fav:

I appreciate the :+fav: even if i may not say "Thank You"

Questions? Comments? Feel free ;)

Enjoy it!

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esta muy bueno pero quería saber si puedo cambiar el idioma de los meses y días?

muchas gracias.

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For those who don't want to look up the comments for the "HOW TO CHANGE THE WEATHER TO YOUR CURRENT CITY" explanation, read below.

All you have to do is click on the icon that shows the current weather (cloudy/rainy/etc) then will be opened on your web browser, click on "ADD LOCATIONS +", look up for your current city. Once you have done this, the name of your city will appear below the THE WEATHER CHANNEL icon on the upper left corner and next to the name, will be a bookmark icon, click and save the location.

The adress bar on your web browser will change and all you have to do is copy the first 8 characters after the "/today/l/" and ignore the :*:** just the first 8 characters.


Then open either the Celsius.ini or Fahrenheit.ini and look up for the [variables] section and change the HAMILTON and write your current city, and paste the 8 characters in Location.

And that's it :)
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Thanks for the explanation. ;)
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Weather doesn't work for me anymore. :( - "RegExp matching error (-1) (Roliz\Weather\Celsius.ini - [Current])"
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muy bueno ya lo estoy usando :)
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May I port it to XWidget? With due credits, of course?
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Whats the font titled?
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Thank you for this AWESOME Minimal skin! Just what I needed. :)
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how do put this on my phone/ use it? thanks
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Don't know 'cause this is only for a windows program called Rainmeter!
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Great skin. However, changing the city name doesn't seem to be enough. I need a location code as well (for Hamilton it is USOH0382), do you know where I can find these codes?
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Go to and search for your city.
ex: New York
http:/ /
Copy this: USNY0996 on the location code and refresh!
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Hi, Um I'm having trouble with the weather. That and where do I find the '.ini fine'? I'm totally confused and its been bugging me heaps :/
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Right-Click on the skin and edit skin
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yay for hamilton!!! xD
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