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Hello mates, this is another theme for Windows 7 Users.

Hope u like it and :love: it!

Wall: !iResult
Icons: ~Nitnerolf
Thanks to ~Bow-N-Aero becuz he provided the psd for Noche [link]! :hug:

How-To Video

ExplorerFrames.dll Here!

In Action
Rainmeter for Noche
Shell32 file here
Orb for Noche

UPDATE #4 [06/01/13]:

A whole new design
Soft & gentle feeling

UPDATE #3 [12/04/11]:

Add left and right taskbar to all themes

UPDATE #2 [08/20/11]:

Fixed the centering taskbar icons bug
Fixed the Thumbnail preview
Add 2 more themes
Replace the Explorerframe bmps
Fixed the taskbar More Programs bug
Add new Preview

UPDATE #1 [08/10/11]:

Fixed some bug in Progressbar
Add a Segoe UI Theme
Add app indicator in taskbar
Made it more Minimal
Fixed the top taskbar
Fixed the mac caption text color
Add a thumbnail hover preview

If there is any bugs plz report it to me!

Please comment and :+fav:

I apreciate the :+fav: even if i may not say "Thank You"

Questions? Comments? Feel free ;)


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Mixterix-Se7en's avatar
windows 8.1? windows 10?
rox1nn's avatar
what a nice skin! thanks givesnofuck
Love Love Love 
xlife18's avatar
3 years later and it is still the best windows 7 VS ever made. I am so sad to see you switched to Mac. You were an amazing theme developer. I wish you could make something like this for windows 10 (Psst: Bootcamp?) probably wont happen though but... oh well...
Vistore's avatar
dot it for windows 10 !
okay i got a real big problem ... i have white ticks in my white checkboxes making me unable to read that ... anything i can do against that ?
kaz28100's avatar
I use it for since the beginning and i didnt added to favorites Stupid Me! its time to change that :+fav:
Deliphin11's avatar
my scroll bar is just a giant black box, what did i do wrong? everything else is right.
edit: huh, its only like that on my browser. library and skype have it right. ill try restarting firefox.
edit2: yeah. it fixed it.
Flo06's avatar
Awesome VS, one of the best !
Thanks for sharing
i love this theme thank you
i don't know if its just me, but when you right click a file and look for its properties, there are hidden part of the words.
SaberPeep's avatar
Wow, this is really nice. It has a really good, professional feel to it. I just wish the close/min/max buttons were labeled on hover.
SaberPeep's avatar
Oh man, I just noticed the bug that jelbo pointed out, dang, that really messes the whole thing up.
Kevelito's avatar
can u do this for windows 8.1 to?
silver9990's avatar
This is probably on my list of top styles currently but that little bug mentioned by ~jelbo is a little annoying & I would love to see it fixed if possible otherwise it's a fantastic style.
jelbo's avatar
Great theme, but I'm having a bug with the window text. It falls of in many places, like you can see in this screenshot: This makes the theme unusable for me. The rest is fantastic though, the drop shadow, taskbar icon spacing and taskbar height are great!
jelbo's avatar
It's even visible in the bottom right of you own screenshot :)
xlife18's avatar
This is hands-down the best windows 7 theme mankind has ever witnessed, Kudos!
nour-el-imene's avatar
thank-you for the theme and the explication
AGDS75's avatar
Me encanta este tema, es perfecto, lo único que la barra de progreso al ser tan clara apenas se aprecia, he intentado cambiarla yo manualmente pero me temo que no lo consigo, me podrías echar un cable?, lo que fuese
using it now, just elegant <3
Tony-LIU's avatar
its great ,thank you guys !
yayme's avatar
I don't notice any soft and gentle (on my desktop this time)
yayme's avatar
its ok i seen lol
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