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Hello fellas, today i would love to share with you a new Vs that i have made with the resource of ~ainq. As you may see this
theme turned out to be so soft and gentle. I'm really digging this theme. I think i might use it for a while. ;p

It better work with x32 and x64 bits or else, i'll jump of a bridge. :fingerscrossed:

Don't forget that Critiques are welcome and comments 2. :stinkeye:

PSD Resource

How-To Video

ExplorerFrames.dll Here!

The .rar pack includes:
Drop theme
For top and bottom

If there is any bugs plz report it to me!

Please comment and :+fav:

I appreciate the :+fav: even if i may not say "Thank You"

Questions? Comments? Feel free ;)


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As the creator of the mockup, kiko11 has made an amazing visual style that preserves the look and feel of the original design. The buttons and all the UI elements keep the drop shape and theme, and the whole theme fits together quite nicely.

The only criticisms I have are of the clock, which bold text kinda feels out of place from the soft feel and thin text of the rest of the theme, and the start menu, which seems to be somewhat unreadable on lighter wallpapers.

I love how kiko11 managed to execute the taskbar groups, which is the trickiest part of any theme, without obviously breaking the general feel of the theme.

Overall, this is an amazing visual style, and I'll be using it for quite some time.
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Thanks for the Critique bro and yes the clock may look out of place with the rest of the theme but i like how it turned out. ;p

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no prob. also, can you make the caption buttons 2 pixels lower and fix the show desktop button? that would be awesome!
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If i move the cap butt 2 pixel down you won't see the light shadow, the way it is, is the farthest it can go down.
And whats wrong with the desk button?
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the upper right corner is white. the only solution is to turn the blur off.
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:? works fine on me.
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I like this a lot, and wish I had to know how to port this to WIN8. :/
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I like almost all of your VS...

A question. How can you make that sharp corner??
Did you manually blend the corners with the color??
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Just have to work your way on Style builder and photoshop!
Fix it for the latest version of mozilla firefox, please!
Seems so messed up :\
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Nice !
I like this theme, it's snowy :)
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nice job!I like it!
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how exactly do you get the taskbar icons to disappear... could you possibly link me to a program? thanks.
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Its Photoshopped.
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oh... well thank you anyway.
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You can try to find an empty .ico file and replace all the other icons with it, that way they will look invisible, but really the icon is just transparent. 
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Could I possibly get the side icons, explorer icons, and some sort of program to make the taskbar icons disappear like in the pictures?
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Not real mate, i edited the preview/presentation picture with Photoshop.
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Is it possible to use this theme with Windows 8? It looks awesome!
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This theme is only for Win7.
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I'm really sad :(
What about us windows 8 users!? :'(
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hi i installed your other theme bello but decided to download another (love your customization btw) But i'm just wondering if their compatible with the new windows update? I used bello before the post update and it worked beautifully. now after the update whenever i try to use one of your themes, it disables the DWM thus making the entire windows aero shut down :(
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Just re-apply the system patcher! [link]
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