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Okay, i have finished a Dark and Light skin. Now its time to share it.

You better like it! :stinkeye:

Video Here!

Note: Don't forget to have the latest version of Rainmeter. :wizardhat:
If you want to change the weather location just open the .ini file with
notepad and read whats inside! ;p

If there is any bugs plz report it to me! :worker:

Please comment and :+fav:

I appreciate the :+fav: even if i may not say "Thank You"

Questions? Comments? Feel free ;)

Enjoy it!

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Hi, awesome skin! I have a problem lately....the skin can't detect my D: drive or it doesn't show any informations about it. Do you know how to fix it?
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Is there any way to make the analog clock bigger?
I've been using this skin for probably a couple years now, with only a few small edits, and have to say, I love it! I ran into a small issue with it in the past couple weeks, though - the Weather plugin stopped working. It had done this once before, and seemed to fix itself after a few days, so I'd been trying to just ignore it to see if the issue would go away on its own after a bit, but...well, that was a couple weeks ago. I finally decided to look into it in more detail today, figured I'd try updating Rainmeter itself in case there were any updates that might somehow fix something, and...while the update didn't fix it, there was a link right on Rainmeter's main page that -does- explain how to fix it. And so, with just a little editing, it works again!

Figured I should stop by here, then, and post the link, in case it might help out anyone else having the same problem. :)

How to fix XML feed not working:…

(Also, the URL I was using had "&dayf=6xml" at the end of it, and that didn't seem to work, even after making the changes that link suggests. On a hunch, though, I tried changing it to just "&dayf=6", removing the "xml" bit from the end, and that finally got it to work.)
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this really helped a lot. thanks for using your time and post this. really appreciated...
keep up the good work Hi! 
Love this skin!
I do have one request though; can you add an extra battery meter that is slightly longer than the CPU and MEM meters?

Even if you can't be bothered - great work on this!
Kiko11, I've been using this skin for a couple of years now with some minor tweaks. However, as of yesterday, the weather has stopped updating. I've tried going to and yahoo weather to see if the reporting station code has changed (as it has in the past), and no variable that I give the Rainmeter .ini code seems to work. Is it still working for you?
Hello, this is a great work! The iTunes thing, does it work with Winamp? If yes, what kind of edit I should do?
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Exactly what I've been looking for! A matching calendar would be really cool, too. 
I can not change the weather location. Yahoo outputs a location like (USOH0212) and no variations of that give any correct readouts. Help Please!
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Amazing, been looking for something this simple and yet good looking..thanks :)
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Beautiful:) Thank you, kiko.
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Dude. Where can I find that wallpaper? I really like it.
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thanks! this is awesome!
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Finally -.-
Found this once and lost it and found it again!
I like the skin! Good job! ;)
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Im using your CPu and Mem usage for my current desktop! Great work. Thanks. [link]
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This rmSkin stopped me in my tracks !
The skin is perfect in its versatility and elegance just like a Rado !


Thanks for perfecting my desktop.
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man thank you :)
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