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There are so many characters in our favorite stories who really just need hugs; Erik/the Phantom (from "The Phantom of the Opera"), Eponine (from "Les Misérables"), Snape (from Harry Potter), etc. The point of this Foundation is to give these characters the hugs they need! I'm open to suggestions about characters who need hugs so if u have one please leave a comment and I'll put them in!
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things people misunderstand in Corpse Bride Before i start i need to credit HAFanForever for giving me the idea to do this with her essay.Now i think iv watched this movie more then anyone and am full on in love with it. Iv read and watched many theories and some are good others not so much, but there are somethings that nearly everyone ether misses or gets wrong, here they are: now this is a much deeper movie then some people realize or give it credit for and im gonna explain why, lets start with the biggest one: everyone seems to think Emily's unfinished business is that she never got married and because she needed revenge for her death, the second reason is right but the first isnt, the real reason is that she needed to learn to be selfless. For most of the movie Em is very selfish and spoiled ( and a drama queen) among other things more of child then anything esle, granted shes only 18 but acts more like 5, she only says please twice in the movie and thank u once, well twice if u count the end. She almost never thinks of anyone but herself till almost the end, she uses her charms to get her way and the one time she doesnt get her way she responds by throwing a temper tantrum (im talking about when she breaks down in tears after being called the other woman) as well as blaming everything on victor, causing him to lose his temper and hurt her feelings. The next morning shes a different girl, more openly sad and serious even after her and victor makeup. The reason shes spoiled and selfish is pretty simple: being rich in life she was clearly pampered and spoiled and in death she seems to be the same, everyone just lets her do what she wants cause they love her and are wrapped up in themselves. i think victor was the first truly selfless person she met but i could be wrong, the first selfless thing he does for her is the piano scene, if u think about it he kinda got what he wanted, he didnt want her around and now she wanted nothing to do with him, but by this time hed come to love her as a friend and did it anyway even when she scorned him and maybe part of what made her forgive him was his selflessness. The start of her arc is when she hears that her marragie isnt vaild, when she hears he will have to die she says she cant ask him and falls down in silent tears. Sadly the selflessness doesnt stick cause victor decides to do it anyway out of pity and friend love putting her right back where she was cause she doesnt even fight him on it i dont blame her for taking it but she was quick to change her mind.(i think shes bipolor) The first selfless thing that stuck was stopping the wedding and giving him to victoria, she realizes that she would be taking away the chance that was taken form her. The final part of her arc is saving victor, even though she couldve let him die and he would be hers, this is what lets her go to heaven and even when shes given a final chance to be selfish and have him she doesnt take it showing shes changed. One last thing before i move on, i think when when she says he kept his promise and set her free i think she meant he taught her to be selfless thereby freeing her from her ego and from barkis.Now the other thing people dont understand is the depth of emilys pain at victors betrayal and why she can still feel. Everyone seems to think shes only upset that he betrayed her and doesnt love her, but thats only part of it, if u really listen to her song ull see its much deeper then that. I think its best to start with why she can feel, its cause she still has her soul. All the other dead have given up there souls by choseing to stay in limbo, emily hasnt she clearly wants to go to heaven but cant for reasons iv already said so she keeps her soul, but she doesnt know it. That brings me to her pain. (im gonna include gifs and pics to prove my point) its clear in this song that she doesnt understand whats wrong with her, shes confused and flustered about feeling this way, and realizing no one can help her not even her best friends, thats why she loses her temper with them, cause they dont get it, they think its all about victor and victoria. This isnt the first time shes felt pain, its clear in this scene that this is the real her, the happy silly girl we saw before was just a mask, but its clear she hasnt felt pain this bad since her death. At the end of the song she realizes shes alone in this as do her friends and they leave her to sleep, the reason the betrayal hits so hard is cause she fell for the same trick again and she hates herself for it id even say shes more mad at herself then victor or victoria. Knowing this makes the song and scene even sadder and shows what a complex character emily is. The last thing im gonna talk about now is Victorias character arc: fans are very unfair to her saying shes boring or even plain, im not gonna go in depth about why thats wrong causes its already been covered by HAFanForever instead im just gonna talk about how she changes and what a badass she is.Out of the three mains she has the smallest arc she stops letting people walk all over herand becomes less shy. Whats inresting is her arc begins right after meeting emily and its like she rubbed off on her. Even after its clear her parents think shes crazy she trys to find help by climbing down her balcony in a fucking rainstorm on nothing but a blanket, if thats not badass i dont know what is most girls in that time wouldve just sat in their rooms crying. Even after failing again and being jailed she still keeps trying, (though im sure she cried while being jailed) she even talks back to her parents, its not till she hears that victor is dead and she has to marry barkis that she breaks down in tears. The last of her arc is with barkis by this point she totally done with taking everyones shit and when her new husband manhandles her she snaps not only mocking him but shoving him the fuck off her and stroming out like the badass bitch she is leaving barkis in shock that he got his ass kicked by a girl!, need i say more.Thats all i got for now but if i think of anything esle ill update. I got another one, somthing alot of fans misunderstand is the betrayal itself, everyone thinks the blame lies souly on victor, (i used to to) but thats not true, while victor isnt totally innocent. most of the blame lies on emily. Now im not saying what he did is ok, understandable yes, right no, he lied, and basly used her to get back to his girlfriend, kinda like barkis did, but its not as simple as that, this is a very complex sich and ill explain why starting with his role in it. Now lets get this outta the way victors a shitty lier, its very clear hes not used to it, cause hes countlessly betraying himself, mainly in the woods scene where he takes forever to leave cause he keeps making sure she stays where she is and even gives her mixed messages by teasing her, hes luckey emilys too dumb to catch on and question him, but more on that later. Now even though he shouldnt have lied i understand why he did, em wasnt getting that he didnt want to be there, was basely holding him there and running away didnt work, so he figured this was his only way out, and it kinda was. Id like to say if he just told her the truth that she would understand and let him go, but knowing her like i do i highly doubt it. She probably wouldve thrown another tauntam and guited him into staying, we know shes not above useing her charm and beauty to get her way. And u gotta rember the kind of parents victor has, im sure nell lies to get her way all the time so if u think about it he was basley doing what he knew. Now on to emily: for most of the movie shes to put it nicely navie, and ditzy, but when it comes to this part shes downright stupid, she falls for the same trick that got her killed and like i said hes not even good at it, she just buys everything he says without questioning anything even though he should be raising so many red flags. The best example is in the woods, he tells her to wait in the cold snowy woods while he goes and talks to his parents, yeah thats not suspicious at all. It totally is but she just does as told and doesnt even start to wonder till he leaves her there for 2 or 3 hours (and when she does finally get pissy and impatient all she does is sit there and brode) and even then still trys to defend him when maggot tells her how dumb shes being and its not till maggot tell her to go find victor that she finally gets off her pretty little ass and does something smart, u see what i mean about her being most to blame? Now im not saying emily doesnt have a right to be mad at him for using and lying to her but she has no right to play the victim and put all the blame on him saying he shouldve thought about her being dead before he asked her to marry him. This is what makes me mad, cause he didnt ask for this she dragged him into this, i love her but she can be a bratty little bitch at times, i dont blame him for loseing his temper with her after that.Another important one, nearly everyone bitches about how victoria got victor and how emily shouldve got him, now to be fair i used to feel that way to when i was younger and i do love fanfics about them together, but in the canon of the movie they wouldnt work. Im not gonna list why HAFanForever already did, what i am gonna is how its important to emliys arc that she didnt get him. It feels weird to think this cause usally my otps not getting together is a dealbreaker for me and im not one to take that its needed for the plot or meassge to work, (ie jack dieing in titanic) but here it is cause not getting victor is what forces em to change and grow up. As discussed already shes very spoiled, selfish and immature and sadly the dead and her friends just fuel that,if we look at maggot and widows part of tears to shade its really just ego stroking and surpsingly thats not what em wants but thats all they know how to do and the same could be said for everyone in the land, and all that does is feed her vainty and selfish nature, not that they mean to but thats what happens and just when she finally gets to do something selfless shes given her way again and is right back where she started, cause everyone babys her and doesnt let her grow up. This is where she not only becomes selfless but alos a woman, i wish i could find the whole part cause her face says so much, in this moment she not only realizes the weight and selfishness of what shes about to do but of all the harm her selfish nature has caused and just when victor is about to reward her selfishness again she breaks the cycle, not once not twice but three times, earning her a place in heaven and finishing her arc, but none this wouldve happened if she had married victor, the cycle would continue and she would remain a immature selfish baby forever, this only happened cause she was forced to grow up and this gives her last words to him even more depth and meaning. So next time u wanna trash vicki rember this and im sure ull change your mind. Iv heard people call barkis a boring villen and thats not true, cliché yes, dull no hes a great villen for 2 reasons, one hes so evil and vile thats its impossable not to hate him, which makes his demise all the more satisficing, (plus the actor does a great job) and two cause hes very real, which makes him very scary. People like him are everywhere today i mean look at all the internet predators who lure in kids with sweet words and promises make them leave there parents and then kill and or rape them, sound familiar? Another example is the lovely bones really when u learn the truth about mr havrey hes pretty simler to barkis. Men and even women like him are everywhere, black widows and u need to watch out for them....
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inspired by a comment from  SavvyRed  i'v decided to make a suggestion box , put any suggestions for characters u think need hugs here.
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