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Did I just turn Fluttershy into some kind of barbarian who is part dragon and seems to have an obsession with beasts and chains? Aw man, my mind is messed up. O___O
I wanna submit this to Equestria Daily, sadly I didn't manage to submit it in time for today's Drawfriend, but maybe tomorrow! I'll be sure to put this on my To Do's list!

Alright, so let's talk about this illustration!

Yesterday I received a note from SuperZalex about my picture of Twilight transformed into some kind of evil Nightmare Moon minion (… he gave me this idea to make all the Mane 6 "Nightmare Moonified"! :D

Since Nightmare Moon really likes...uh, nightmares, I decided to draw Fluttershy all dragon like and cruel to animals, I know...hideous. O_O

And Spike is her new slave, yipee! Took me aaages to get this sketch right, three times to be more exact! I’m happy how it turned out though, I hope you like it as well and enjoy this new collection of “Pony Nightmares”, wheee! I truly adore NMM, she rules.

Next step, Rainbow Dash.

OH OH OH, I almost forgot! I loved your name suggestions for Twilight’s evil persona, do you have any for our not so lovable anymore Fluttershy? I really have no idea what to call her. XD

Art by me!

Fluttershy and Spike belong to Lauren Faust and Hasbro!

Smoke and fire effects for free over here:……
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Either you strong enough to survive her or flee in terror.

Wether she's alone of with her "pets", SHE IS FEAR