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Into the Thorns



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I watched this movie and I just fell in love with every little thing about it. 

But my favorite thing was Magnussen's performance as Rapunzel's Prince. I adored him the moment he slipped from behind that wall. Pfft. XD 
He looks so charming in the outside and so dorky in the inside and the way he always tries to keep up with his brother and be like him aw man - love it. Sibling relationships hit me the hardest and THIS GUY IS AWESOME - SO HERE, HAVE SOME FANART.
Aah. I remember the first time I read this story. I was 7. It blew my mind. I mean, blindness? Serious stuff. Serious stuff is good, kids need to hear this now and then and deal with it.

It doesn't look much like Magnussen, does it? I'm really bad at getting people's features.
And I couldn't capture Mackenzie Mauzy's adorable princess-ish beauty. 

 So yes. Adored this movie, and these two in particular. In my head, they get their golden cliche happy ending and I am bloody happy about it so keep your giants and snow whites away from them, mm'kay? >: ( 

ALSO, Gryphon's Odyssey is coming out this SATURDAY! :D
You don't know what that is? I didn't think you did, but in case you'd like to know...*shameless propaganda*
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A really nice looking piece. What strikes me the most is the facial expression on the primary subject's face. as well as the ambiance of the fog and brambles. The tower doesn't seem to curve enough before reaching the edge of what we can see of it. Also, Rapunzel's hair doesn't seem to flow quite as well nearer to the top. Overall, though, a very well drawn and well-colored piece. The shape or lighting of the legs and upper boot could also use a bit of adjustin, as well. Good use of keeping the range of colors low and complimentary orange/gold vs. Green with a bit of blue. It really draws the eye in. I also like how you chose to keep some of the sketchiness in the bricks and cobblestone of the tower.

Keep up the good work!