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Rebound page 137

Also up on the website:

This page kind of deserved a high res version, what with all the little details, so here you go.
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ahaha I love them both together already <3
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That is a suprisingly mundane thing for a badass crazy cat warrior angel to be doing in her spare time but, hey, if thats what she likes to do.
This is a really beautiful page. The contrast with Opal's outfit/the plants/Omar looks really good together.

I'm also liking Omar more than I thought I would.

Shot in the dark: So is this Generosity's Sphere (?) of Heaven?
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Old habits die hard :)

Actually they live in Justice's circle. This is Omar's paradise.
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True that.

Okay, cool. Is most of Heaven this rural? Or the circle of Justice, for that matter?

Also, just noticed, did ol' Balthie get his picture in the paper?
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People's personal paradises are isolated from the actual circles, and as Omar says he can have anything he wanted pop out of thin air, so this place is fabricated by him and looks a lot like their home world would in the summer.

Haha, yeah that's Balthazar :)
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So he made is own personal heaven? And anything Opal wants can appear too, or does that just work for Omar? Cool sutff. Is that what a typical angel does?

Haha looks like hes got some angelic paparazi
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Yep, all angels have their own little part of Heaven. But since this is Omar's, Opal can't change anything there herself.
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so does Opal have her own somewhere...?
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She does, but she doesn't really use it.
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Oh Blue halo.. wait .. admin.. what of the full halo list for colors?
as far as I can tell it's related to the archangel they ultimately report to. Red for warriors (Mikhail, Michael, etc), Green for healers (Raphael), and blue for administrators (Gabriel) This is just for the rank and file angels though, higher ups seem to get halos with swastika (the buddhist one) inside the ring, but I don't know if that makes them principalities or something else entirely. they could just be "more equal" angels.
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There are a whole bunch of colours: Red, blue, green, yellow, black, and grey.
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Man that is absolutely gorgeous! Lovely work!
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