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Cutie Mark Crusaders

By Githgulcag
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This is definitely my best sculpture thus far. It also took forever to make but it was worth it.

Sculpted out of ProCreate Sculpting Putty and painted with acrylics.
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This is incredible!  I've never SEEN a sculpture this awesome!  How did you put so much detail onto a sculpture less than two inches tall?!
Coelacanth0794's avatar
Does Sweetie Belle's horn fold up? Should it not be sticking out of a hole in the front of the helmet?
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This is awesome :O
Bergiloh's avatar
This is incredible work, so lovely to look at.
Chron1's avatar
similar question here, do those need wire skeletons? What puttys do you say are best for making such skultures. So far I only worked with greenstuff and miliput. and very very little with fimo
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Oh man, that's a great sculpture, and I love Sweetie's expression of terror XD .
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EquestriasBestFlyer's avatar
Sweetie Belle's face is priceless XD
009-1's avatar
esta increible =D
Amana07's avatar
Nice, I particularly like the expressions on the 3 characters, and the details on the landscape + Scootaloo's scooter.
Akili-Amethyst's avatar
That is phenomenal!
Cynder3601's avatar
U made that? amazing work!!
Badlanded's avatar
WOW! verry cool!! It is 80% cooler! like mi custom blind bag.
PriestessOfNox's avatar
... I shall henceforth worship your hands that crafted such amazement.
lpslover12's avatar
this is amazing
Sweetie belle's face is priceless!
t-dijk's avatar
This is so awesome!
SilverSlinger's avatar
That's really amazing! Wonderful craftsmanship :D
Cwossie's avatar
Sweetie :D And you'd think unicorns could not fly :D Amazing job, I cannot get enough of this... :)
catz537's avatar
that is really cool! i love it
RukarioTrainer's avatar
WOW.... that is really amazing.
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