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Puddin Pig


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Puddin Pig


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Puddin Pig

Muscle Men

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Puddin Pig

Fat Fellas

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A Healthy Weight (1 of 10)

Series - A Healthy Weight

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Double Growth Drive - Day 1

Series - Double Growth Drive

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Raiding the Kitchen - 01

Series - Raiding the Kitchen

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Finn and Grant - 23

Finn and Grant

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Meeting Up

You: so... Sean: Hm? You: I was thinking You: maybe we could y'know You: meet up in person, soon Your heart pounds as the 'Sean is typing...' message in the chat box appears and lingered for what felt like an eternity. Sean: I'd thought you'd never ask. How about we get some dinner tomorrow? Tomorrow! Such short notice, but you've been chatting with this guy for months now. Things have been going so well, you'd do anything to see him. You: sure! I'd really love to You: just name the time and place and I'll be there Your words project confidence, but behind the keyboard your fingers tremble. It's been a long time since you've felt a conn


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