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has spring arrived in your town?

Tools: Bic pen, Copic markers,
And yeah, I made mistakes & didn't bother to use photoshop to camouflage them

Big thanks to
:iconalucinatio: yummy

:iconstrawberryburst: life is a garden
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this is so pretty, i like your style
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i tend to work towards minimalist style even when i tried to make things more "complicated" ... glad you like it!
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This is absolutely beautiful, really. I think that the empty space is what gives this impactive effect...

One question: Did you use the 'broad' end of your marker to colour the sky? I'm learning to use them, but I can't seem to do it equaly.. Unless it's in small spaces, in which I can use the "fine" end. :/

Thanks for the inspiration, anyway!
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Thank you so much for the comment.
This was drawn on small moleskine book which was roughly ... A6-ish in size? I use the brush-like end to color the sky because the broad end never give equal coloring.

The problem with copic is that if the ink dries and you re-apply color on to that area, it will come out in slightly darker color with stripes effect. So I usually go over it several times to make sure the area is colored equally. ... And that's why I draw small XD

Hope that helps.
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Yeaaah, the stripe effect just kills me D: In small areas, I work just fine with markers, but when I try to colour the entire background... :faint:

I think my sketchbook is a little bigger than that - and its paper is not as good as a moleskine one - , so it's just plain failure for me XD I was wondering if there was a way out, so I asked you.

But this sure helped, so thanks :)
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Lovely work! Amazing job with the copics. I have copic markers and am still getting used to working with them.
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thanks! I'm still having problem with blending colors, most of my work were solid colored. but yeah, COPIC is just amazing ^^ I can never go back to regular markers.
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Glad you like it!
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I like this, very art nouveau
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thanks, i still get inspirations from mucha ^^
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so beautiful that I wish it was spring again. (i have allergies to pollen you see, ergo, i dislike spring. so this means more that it seems)
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thank you. wow, spring must be a tough time for you then.
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unimaginably so.
I tend to go into social hibernation to save myself the humiliation of being called rudolf because of my red nose.
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How cheery! I love it. Hooray for spring!!!
Beautiful work with copics...someday I just might get some myself =P
I love that you stretched it across 2 pages so seamlessly--great job!
I also love your clean lines, and how lit up her eyes are.
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