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My Bio
Failed Lab Experiment... maybe they'll have better luck next time they get into this quadrant of the spiral arm.

WARNING: This dA Artist writes and creates art for Mature dA audiences. If you aren't mature or if you are underage in the location where you live or you are offended by nudity and / or sexual situations or viewing nudity and/or genitalia is illegal in the location you reside-- please go visit another gallery.

This Gallery is Rated NC-18

"PG rating is when the hero gets the girl. PG-15 is when the Villain gets the girl. NC-18 is when everyone gets the girl." -- Michael Douglas

Favourite Visual Artist
The Holy One of Blessing.
Favourite Movies
almost any sci-fi adventure
Favourite TV Shows
Who has time for TV? but I suppose many Anime, Fantasy. and Science Fiction shows and movies
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
any great lyricist, so Leonard Cohen, Bob Dyllan, Kris Kristofferson
Favourite Books
mythology, folklore, science fiction, fantasy, wuxia, and life is a simulation
Favourite Writers
Heinlein, Roger Zelazny, Asimov, Jacquline Carey, Kramer, Kushner, Lee and Miller, Gaiman, Tamsyn Muir
Favourite Games
You wanna see something really scary?
Favourite Gaming Platform
Platform? You need a platform to play games? All right-- the dining table running GURPS, HERO, FUZION, Cyberpunk 2020, GDW Traveller, and several other TTRPGs
Tools of the Trade
Laptop, Desktop, Server, Guitars- Lots of them, Text Editor, Poser, Brain on Caffeine
Other Interests
Music, Writing lyrics and poetry, Geek Humor, Old Programming Languages
I've been doing a lot of medical stuff the last couple of weeks. Blood tests and a "paracentis" of my abdominal cavity which is take a six or so inch long needle aand using ultrasound guide it in to the abdominal cavity with that done pump out any excess fluid which in my case was 2.6 liters... I'm still leaking from where they poked me with that needle. But... I was also formally notified that my name has been submitted to the national liver transplant list. But even though I've been added to the list there is still the possibility I will not remain on the list or that my circumstances might change making me unable to have the transplant... But here's to hoping it happens and I survive. In other news an upgrade of DAZ studio ate all of my DAZ scene files and the windows restore point was trashed so I can't revert to a time prior to the Daz file wipe. I'm going to try and find the files with an undelete utility. Otherwise I will have lost a couple of years of work. Here's to
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Another Passing

2 min read
This afternoon my oldest brother passed away in his sleep. He was 74. We didn't have much in common other than doing things to me I won't talk about. That was a long time ago. We all weren't much of a family due to the way my parents chose to raise us. On the other hand he was a "life" ranked scout... He might have even have made it to Eagle. It was close but I didn't much care. I never got passed 2nd Class Scout. He was a Marine and proud of it. He was lucky in that he spent his time during the Vietnam era ['74 to '76] as an avionics tech on the east coast [Beaufort and Cherry Point] with twice a year trips to Puerto Rico. When he returned he was tripped by a girl who wanted to get serious with me the year before. He went on to be the father of five girls. When he got out he eventually became a mini computer programmer / technician then becoming an engineer troubleshooting for a company that made memory testers. He spent most of his career doing that. Since he could not seem to
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Just added a Vero account. Come talk to me. @JoeCro
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Hello hello thanks for watching !

:O you are still on here! 
No they haven't got around to burying me.. yet. :-)
Thank you for the watch :)