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Hello all!
Welcome to my Crafts account!
For those who don't know, this is :icontarkheki:!

I figured that since I do a lot of crafts, I might as well dedicate one account to them so that I can better arrange my galleries by points of interest!

Chances are, I will not be updating this journal often (if at all) so be sure to check out my original gallery for updates and other info!

Thanx for stopping by!
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wheeeee! you really make great crafts! I adore them! :3 do you sell them somehow? like, via ebay or something else?
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Thankies for the compliment!
Yes I do sell them. SOmeitmes I have stuff that I make on my own, but most of the time I get commissions for them. ALl people have to do is drop me a line and we start talkin'! XD
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Amazing boxes you have. Do you have a price list?
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The prices are listend with the box (both totem box deviaitons) . I just accuired new boxes of various sizes and shapes. Small boxes are $30 and up (depending on the intracacy of the image), I have a flat 8" X 6"X 2" box (perferct for pencils) that is $40 and up (Depending on the image).
Are you looking for a specific shape of price range?
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Yay so exciting :3
I do so love your crafts! How nice that they have a place of their own! :D
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Yah, I wanted them to stand on thier own 4 paws. So far, so good! XD
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