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You have reached the Craft account of :icontarkheki:!
Thanks for stopping by!
I shall be updating this journal with my availability for commissions, as well as what craft items can be commissioned.

Commission Status: AVAILABLE!

:star:Available for commissions::star:


Large Rectangle- 8.25" x 5.5" x 4.5 (LxWxH)- Available
Medium Rectangle- 7.25" x 4.5" x 3.5" (LxWxH)- Available
Small Rectangle- 6.25" x 3.6" x 2.6" (LxWxH)- Available

Large Semi-oval- 8" x 4.5" x 3.4" (LxWxH)- Available*
Medium Semi-oval- 6.25" x 3.4" x 2.5" (LxWxH)- Available*
Small Semi-oval- 4.5" x 2.4" x  2" (LxWxH)- Available*

*Semi -oval boxes refer to boxes that have a rounded (vertical) side.

Wine Box- 13.75" x 4.5" x 4.4" (LxWxH)- Available


12" x 11.75" (WxH)- Available: Only 1 Left!

Boxes and Binders can be carved, pyrographied, or a merge of the both.
Prices vary as to size of both, detail, characters, and extent to which the item is carved/burned.
Please contact me for quotes and questions!
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Goshawk's avatar
I adore your crafts SO MUCH. I'm considering commissioning something...
Do you take commissions for drums?
Gishkishenh's avatar
I sure do take commissions for drums!
However, since I am in lack of time, I don't have time to make the actual drum- so I buy one off a colleague/friend (at the Native Canadian Center) and paint on it. Just to let you know in all fairness. :)
Goshawk's avatar
I know what you mean about lack of time. I'm an honours student in a science major. My free time is spent studying, doing homework, or vegging out when my brain is dead.
Does your friend make bodhrans?
And about how much would a drum commission cost?
Gishkishenh's avatar
The drums made are traditional Native American ones- that are similar in concpet to Bodhrans. They are open sided in the back, and about the same size- but can vary in sizes as well.
Including the drum (measuring a roughly 9 inch diameter), a drum commission would cost about $150. :)
Goshawk's avatar
Cool; I'll need to save up, but I know what it'll cost now.
moonclaw78's avatar
what about pendants?
Gishkishenh's avatar
Which type? Some of them are sold out. :)
moonclaw78's avatar
something with a jaguar design
Gishkishenh's avatar
I meant, which type of necklace. I can design anything onto them... so long as I have the style of necklace available. :)
moonclaw78's avatar
i like the big ones...however the small ones will suffice. the only examples of your work i've seen is what you currently have on your website. how many different styles are there, other that the two basic ones mentioned on this site?
Gishkishenh's avatar
The only ones that are available right now are the ones featured on this website that are not labeled "Sold out" at the bottom. SO that would mean, only the small wooden ones are available. :)
meiresthaimoros's avatar
I was wonderin' if yer still takin' commissions on the boxes 'cause I would like to get one. If possible a'course! I would love to have one with Gin & Izuru on it (medium box maybe?) ... something like the other one you had done ... but maybe a bit more yaoi-centered.

I adore the pairing. *Squee~*
Gishkishenh's avatar
The ichi-Ruki box did sell... however, I cna always make another. I have a slew of boxes at home ready for burning!

The gin-Izuru one I made was a very large box. Medium boxes are smaller, and by far not as expensive. What is your price range? If i know, I can offer you the best bang for your buck! :heart:
meiresthaimoros's avatar
Hm~. I dont mind the price for the GinIzuru one. I just love them so much and your art is amazing ... I cannot looooose! But price uhm~ I suppose 150$ is the max I want to spend. How much more expensive are the large boxes from the medium ones?

I figured the IchiRuki sold because it was real beautiful. I loved the expressions on each (Rukia more so) and the ribbon from the zanpakuto. <3

I'm probably driving you inside atm. I apologize. I'm going to think about the IchiRuki for now, concentrate on the one for the time being, and before anything is finalized, I'll have a decision on the second one. -Nod.- I'm just trying to decide who I want to get the second for.
Gishkishenh's avatar
Not a problem at all! You aren't driving me anywhere, I guarantee that! XD

The box and design of the Gin-Izuru one was $80 (that is, that was the final price- box, work and all).

The Ichigo-Rukia one is one I can always do another of. The beauty is, I can remake something I've already done, or making something new to be totally unique. :heart:

If it would help, do you want dimensions of the boxes? I've written them on my journal I think, but I can easily type it up for you again. :)
meiresthaimoros's avatar
Ok! 80$ is fine for the GinIzuru one. :3
I will hold off on the IchiRuki for the time being and get it closer to the B-Day~ -Nod.- Instead of that could another GinIzuru-- a small one? Rectangle.

One final question~ Wouldja rather I pay together or separate?
Gishkishenh's avatar
Alright, so let me get this strait:
you want the identical Gin- Izuru box idea and size for $80, or do you want a different image on the box?
And, you also want another smaller [rectangle] Gin X Izuru box?

I prefer you send me payment as soon as you want the boxes- I receive the payment and send you a rough sketch of the idea that will appear on the box (to you description), and then I burn it on the box, and send it out immediately. :)

If I got your order correctly, then please send me a note with the descriptions of the images you want, and I'll tell you how you can pay. :)
meiresthaimoros's avatar
Hai. One GinIzuru box with a different image.
Second, smaller GinIzuru box.
And I can pay through paypal~ since that is usually the easiest way. Just tell me the grand total.
meiresthaimoros's avatar
Oh! Forgot something, nya~ ><;

I forgot to mention, if that IchiRuki box isn't sold yet, I would also love to get that for a friend.
ellazara's avatar
Are you still making the binders? I know this post is really old...but your stuff is just so awesome that I thought I might ask. :)
Gishkishenh's avatar
Yes I am! I have one left. :heart:
teh-shadow-master's avatar
Wow... you're awesome at this; awesome in general, actually.

Would it be too much trouble to ask how much it'd cost for a medium rectangular box with Toushirou and Hyourinmaru on it, the same as your wonderful brush box? (Or if your brush box is still available, is it still 23$CA?) My sister is a complete Hitsugaya fangirl...

I was also wondering whether you send them down to Australia? I realise exchanging of money and such would be a pain in the neck and all, sorry...

Anyways, just questions for the meantime ^^; I need to actually save money up before I go asking for things. Thanks for your time!
Gishkishenh's avatar
Not a problem!
I still have that Hitsugaya box, and yes it's still $23!
I do send to Australia, and you can pay me in Aussie so long as it's 23$ Canadian equivalent.

For the same type of box (the measurements are in there if you need) with a specific image on them [to your request] I would ask about $35 for the special order.

Take all the time you need! I'm always here. :)
hieirocks16's avatar
I'm highly debating getting that binder from you XD I even know the design I want on it. Fox on one side and a Stag on the other. Do you have a rough estimate of the cost? I could try for next pay check which is the week after this one.
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