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NorDesign Series I

This is a project I have been working on since the last quarter of last year.
NorDesign is a series of designs I have created based on the Prose and Poetic Edda, Heroic Verses, and various Sagas, to celebrate the richness or Norse Culture, and Scandinavian Folklore.
Seen here the first in the series of Jewelry- Wooden pendants of Fenrir, Loki, and a Viking Helm.

I plan in making many more design in this series- and turning them into pendants, hoodies, and the like. As a culture enthusiast, it was a matter of time before I would make a cultural exchange with various European cultures as well; and now, after obtaining a teacher in this tradition as well, I can whole heartedly pursue the understanding with cultural permissions.

For those interested in purchasing any of these lovely pendants [only $15], head over to my site:
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I'm sorry I missed out on these. Your site says they're going to be restocked relatively soon, though~ Are you going to restock these designs, or refill it with brand-new ones?
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Hello! I sent you an email and haven't heard back yet so I thought I'd try posting here as well: I wanted to purchase two of these but the store/cart only allows a single purchase before check-out. Is there a way for me to pay you for and order two (and have shipping totaled in there as well)? Thanks!
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Hey there!
Sorry for the lag in that response- I have been juggling about 4 jobs, but I shipped out your items tonight. :)

Cheers and thanks!
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Thanks for everything! They look great! Customs must have had them for a little while since they arrived on Friday, I believe. :)
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Yes, sadly customs will hold over items, as well as delay arrivals. I wish I could for-go that.. but it's out of my hands! XD

Glad you like them! I'm humbled! :heart:
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Woman these are AWESOME! And i was serious before, I want, nay, NEED one of these. Fenrir hands down! We's talk mkay?
Gishkishenh's avatar
Yes we SHALL. Because for you.. DISCOUNT. :love:
kaOtic-saNity's avatar
Bah! I'm sure you can guess which one I have my eye on... ;)
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These are awesome! I want one!
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Thank you! I shipped them out today. ;)
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I just bought two of them! Yay!
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Wow, those are beautiful! Were they all made by hand? :wow:
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These are designed by hand, however laser cut. I will Finish them by hand, and the jeweled Eyes will also be done by hand. :)
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