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Large Torek Jewelry Box

This is something I made for my Twins Sister for Hanukkah last year. :dance:
She needed a jewelry box, and the one she wanted was WAY too pricey for me, so I made her one instead. :giggle:
As you can see, it’s here Torek (Cougar) and her balance (Raven) and I put Wolf in because we both share them.

On the front there is The Moon. That is her sign as per her totems, and on the side is The Feather, also as per her totems.

Also, I commission these. A box with this kind of intricate design I charge $150. Something with only one animal would be $100.
I know that’s pricey, but it’s about 2 days of work, and the box measure 11” x 6.5” x 3”.
As you can see, the inside of the box comes with 4 dividers that divide it into 6 even sections, however, you can remove them to create a larger section if needed.

Any questions, or orders, e-mail me at:
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How do you paint so intricately? And how is everything so symmetrical? I'd guess you stencil the design on using tracing paper? However it's done, it's epic!
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Actually I freehand my designs. After years of doing technical illustration [traditional], you develop a good hand at symmetry and refinement. Never the less, this style demands a type of freehand traditionalism due to the cultural foundation for it- the masters do not accept computers and "tricks" to get the job done. :)
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I agree with ~StudioGreen, that is made of awesome :D
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Thank you so much! :hug:
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i feel like painting now :)