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Heron Shirt

This was a shirt I silk screened for my Sensei.

I do a lot of silk screening- shirts and hoodies, regalia, etc.

Featuring here, a t-shirt with a Heron. "Zhashagi" is the Ojibway name for Heron- I realize that it's conflicting with the NWP style of the actual bird, but I didn't know any word for Heron form a NWP language.

I do take commission on shirt designs and silk screening as well. Contact me fro quotes. :)
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Beautiful as always!
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I want one of your shirts and you can find pacific northwest words here [link]
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Dude! THANK YOU for that link! Now I can actually apply the proper words to the images I make. :)

Ill probably be creating a few permanent screens in order to "mass produce" a few shirts. Rest assure, the moment I get the design down to a T, ad I start screening them, you will get one for sure! :heart:
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I do maaaakkkkkeee as well! And for inexpensive prices! :)
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I knuuuuu, but I must think hard on this one! :D

...though I might commission something for a friend of mine who happens to be a white owl? ^^v
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Sounds like fun! I only know one other person who has the bad-omen symbol to their name. They had to do a LOT of learning, but you should see him dance now! He has a tone of scars from the self-pricing he does at some ceremonies. But this dude is the BEST at what he does! I have full respect for those folk! :heart:
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OMG! You gotta link me to this guy later! :D
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Link you? He isn't on-line, he lives out in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He sometimes goes down to Manitoulin Island, and stops by the NCC when he does. :)
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Manitoulin Island? That sounds like an adventurous place and now I'm all curious. X3
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It's not exactly adventurous, it's a local island of the coast of Toronto- in the great lakes area. It's Native American Reserve. :)
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absolutely amazing, the feathers add such a nice touch to the heron's outline!
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It's a lovely style to work with- it has both extreme limits, and extreme freedoms all in one. I will be silk screening a couple of hoodies for myself in the next little while- contemporary fashion with a traditional twist! XD
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It really does look great! I adore NWC art, your style works so very well with it. not many people can add their own touch to it and manage to stay within the limits ... you pull it off beautifully! I'd SO love to have a hoodie if you end up creating screens, your designs are incredible! Its difficult to find apparel with anything NWC art related. Please let me know if this is at all feasible, its such an awesome idea! I would of course provide a hoodie and payment, if so! :love: I'm heading back to Alaska in a couple months, it'd be so awesome to have one, there especially! :D
Gishkishenh's avatar
Yes it is! I am making 2 hoodies for myself now, but making one on commission is something I have done before! And- as you said- if you supply the hoodie- it's even more inexpensive!
Please note me, and we can work out the details! :heart:
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oh that sounds excellent! you're the best, i'll get to that note right away :love:
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I'm totally going to have to learn this silk screening thing, because this looks pimp!
Gishkishenh's avatar
Good luck with it! :)
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Gishkishenh's avatar
HA HA! You WOULD flail too! :heart:
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