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Gothic Shirt I

I am working on a line of clothing based on Gothic designs, emblems, and symbols.

This is the first one, featuring a Werewolf Crest:
The Werewolf in the middle of a Silver Ring of Gothic knots.
The text under reads "Wolfman" in the proper Gothic term "Wulfmanna" and in Gothic Text (Ulfilas' Alphabet).

I silk screened the first one for myself on the back of a top that I thought had a Gothic edge to it.
All shirts are silk screened by hand.

I am offering the same emblem on T-shirts (ladies and Mens) for $25.
If you supply the shirt- $20.

Please note me if you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt!
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kaOtic-saNity's avatar
Amazing...AS ALWAYS! I think I love this even more because you made Iris wear something of the werewolf and not vampire type... hee hee... I can almost feel the irritation coming from her... ;)
Gishkishenh's avatar
OH no no.. she was fine with it. We both have such a new-found respect for the other species becuase of Underworld... of course, Twilight made her rigid again. Le Sigh. XD
kaOtic-saNity's avatar
What AM I going to do with you two?!@ :love:
Gishkishenh's avatar
I dunno.. but bitch-slapping IS a option! ;)
kaOtic-saNity's avatar
You are WAY to eager for eager I might have to charge. ;)
Gishkishenh's avatar
Oh dude. You know the facts of it- a good Bitch slap TOTALLY priceless. I'd pay. Stone cold cash. XD
BananaBrat's avatar
Dude! That looks AMAZING!! What does it say underneath? :D
Gishkishenh's avatar
Spuuuuuudddddd!!! Read the artists' comments! XD
P.S. Iris left today. SADNESS.
I'll be online later. CATCH MEEEEEE!!! XD
BananaBrat's avatar
LOLOLOLOLOLOL, Spud can't read apparently! XD

Aww man! Coming online now!
Tsuna-Draken's avatar
When I saw the letters they reminded me of the alphabet in the Sims LOL XD This is awesome!
Gishkishenh's avatar
Well, I never played Sims, but there could be a good chance that they references Ulfilas' Alphabet for fun! XD
Tsuna-Draken's avatar
I wouldn't be surprised lol XD
AngryGulo's avatar
Everything you make looks so pro. I know you have to be uber popular on this site to get decent sales but I do hope it sells well.

One of my biggest regrets is not taking a silk screening course when I had the chance. I've always wanted to design my own lucky lucky you.
Gishkishenh's avatar
Thank you!
But trust me- it looks pro because of all the FAILS in practicing that led up to this. And you can do it too! I never took a course in silk screening- I just bought a starter kit, learned the basics, replaces the chemical solvents with substitutes that were eco-friendly and non-toxic, and off I went! A lot of art related crafts are simple trail-by-error, and on-line you have PLENTY of people that posted the sequence of events... ti's really not hard at all! And your shirts would be CRAZY amazing! :heart:
AngryGulo's avatar
They have starter in small? I've only seen them giant sized so I thought it could only be done in a studio or something like that.
Hm, going to have to check that out. Thanks for the tip!
Gishkishenh's avatar
Yah- the "starter" kit I have is literally the smallest applicable screen size with the frame- so it's roughly 12" by 16". And you can buy the screen separately so that you can cut and bind any size of screen you want... so it's not studio oriented only. XD
Kekilen's avatar
this is very cool and i bet will sell well especially with the da crowd.
Gishkishenh's avatar
Maybe, and maybe not. DA doesn't bring me much of a buying audience sadly.
However, I've gotten many interested people from the NCC. SO looks like that is my main selling venue. XD
Bear-hybrid's avatar
What kinda shirt do you need if we supply? :3 any specific material or color?
Gishkishenh's avatar
Cotton works the best. Color is up to you! The design works in Black-and white where the "black" is the shirt color. Any kind of t-shirt works fine, and the shirt I silk screened mine on was a stylized cotton top [jacket] from Urban Behavior. So long as the material is smooth, it works fine. :)
Also, the actual design can be screened in a different color- instead of white I have a variety of colors. :)
ribbeh's avatar
Oohlala. Gothic's not really my thing, but that doesn't mean this isn't great work. <3

I'm assuming the currency's Canadian?

Are raven shirts on the table? =P
Gishkishenh's avatar
All currency is American- as some international buyers can only buy American Dollars. :)

There will be a Raven shirt available in a bit. NWP style. I'll be going through a lot of designs in the next little bit- I've already drawn up most of them, it's just a matter of making them presentable and doing up some examples. :)
ribbeh's avatar
Awr, I understand. The Canadian dollar needs to go up again. D:

NWP Raven... that definitely sounds like my style. =P Can't wait to see it!
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