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Portrait Studies

More studies!

All these are from photographs I found floating around pinterest. I tried adding a little more of my own flare to them this time. Hope you like it!

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Great work. Left and Right could get it all night! mmn! lol
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Wow. Awesome specially the girl on the left.
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These are fabulous! I wonder if you'd maybe consider allowing me to use your art in my collages. I would credit and link you of course. Thanks for considering it! 
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I love the subtle blend of realism and your own style. Three very different women and yet they go so well together!
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thank you! I appreciate it! :D
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Love these! I especially love that you added your own personal flair to them and painted them in your style!
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Absolutely gorgeous variety of portraits, the 3rd one is my favourite. I love that hair. 
I can see that you didn't exactly copy those photographs, you painted them and added your own style to them. Fantastic! :)
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WOOT! Thank you... glad you like them! :D
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They are so gorgeous and cute! Awesome work!
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I prefer you paintings than the photographs :)
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Gorgeous work! I really love how you bring your own flavor to the drawings :D
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I love how the movement in your art is cartoony in a way, but the art still remains completely realistic! ..There's a certain freedom of posing and movement in your artwork that you usually see in more semi-realistic or cartoony artwork.. And i love that! That's art, making real life come alive in that way!
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