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Mistborn: Kelsier and Vin



AAAAAAAH EU TÔ apaixonada demais por essa trilogia @_@ Não aguentei e fiz um fanart de coração desse universo maravilhouser que é o Mistborn <3
Espero que gostem :)

Kelsier e Vin, de Mistborn!

AAAAAAAH I'm in LOVE with this trilogy! And could not let pass my will to paint a fanart for this amazing universe! Hope you like ^^

Kelsier and Vin, from Mistborn books!

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Kelsier is such a Chad
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I'm reading the series as we speak, and thought to check out some fan-art, but wow, did not expect this. I really love this portrayal of Kelsier and Vin, there's so much subtlety in what makes their character, so much is said with their eyes and body posture, this is truly a masterpiece. Well done

A friend of mine shared this picture with me, and I knew instantly that the girl was Vin, you materialised her wonderfully. Thank you, this is beautiful.
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Nice, that's really nice to know! <3
Thanks a lot!
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Another awesome piece from Mistborn, I love it! I think you've captured the personalities of Kelsier and Vin perfectly. There's what I interoperate as a mischievous look for Kel while Vin looks more determinedconcentrated. I really love the tin lighting in the back groundas well as the the mist cloaks waving behind them.
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Thanks a lot, sweetie!
I'm really glad you liked it ^^
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You're welcome! :D

Honestly it's probably one of my favorite Mistborn pieces out there! ^.^
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Indeed indeed, the Allomancy halo is a great touch. 
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Hahah thanks!!
Que arte linda; o Kelsier ficou exatamente como eu imaginei quando eu estava lendo.
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This is such a beautiful rendition of these characters. Love how you've incorporated what I'm guessing are steel-lines (or is it iron..?) with the theme of Kelsier becoming a sort of religious figure. And the lighting is fantastic--the red sky creates this feeling of impending doom that contrasts so well with Kelsier and Vin as a light of hope. Amazing painting!
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Wow, thank you! It makes me really happy when someone notice all these details about the painting relating to the history. Feels like worth the time I invested on it hahaha!
I don't know wich metal create the blue lines because I aways mistake one with another hahaha! The only one I really know what does is the atium lol
This is amazing! I love all the tiny details! Kelsier looks exactly how I pictured.
GisAlmeida's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad your Kelsier matches mine, it really makes me happy, can't explain why hahaha
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Love how you portrayed these characters with so much detail! Those scars definitely catch the attention. :D What's the coin signify?
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Guess I gotta squeal the entire gallery. The forms are amazing!
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Thank you! Your favest character is Sazed? I want to paint Luthadel SO bad!
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Actually it's Sazed and Spook as a runner up.   I really love Sazed's development throughout the story and I can personally relate to it further in the series when it comes to certain things. Won't spoil things.

I would love to see your Luthadel. I should... really try to do more environments. D:
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You are my favorite person right now! :D I love that series!!!
GisAlmeida's avatar
Hahahah thanks a lot, I'm enjoying a lot reading the serie :)
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This pretty cool!
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I'm a simple man, i see a mistborn fanart, i give it a like. Amazing
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Hahahah seems logic. Thank you!
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