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League of Legends: The Moon Also Rises

:star:Buy prints HERE:
Yeees! One of my two entries for Polycount LoL Contest!
Wish me luck PLEASE, I want to win this contest so bad >__<
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hiya! me and 10 of my friends are doing a project on LoL. if your ok with this, we would like to use your wonderful masterpiece here and put it in our project. we credit the artists at the end of the project. is it ok with you if we use this?
Hi!  The community piece we did highlighting the WoW community is finally done... as promised, here is the link.  Your artwork is used as part of the end credit montage... hope you like it!…
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amazing! such gorgeous details ^^ 
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wow, gorgeous Clap 
Hello!  We're working on a mini-documentary on LoL for a community programming show.  Was wondering if we could use your image (along with many other deviantart artists) in the credit sequence at the end of the piece?  We would credit you in the sequence of course.  If not, no worries... thanks!
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Hi :)
Are you going to earn money with you documentary somehow?
Not at all... this is a community programming piece, which will be made freely available to the League of Legends community and the internet via youtube and facebook when it's complete.  I can send  you a link when it's done?
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Sure, thank you! :)
You bet... thanks again!
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We are a non-profit LoL tournament organizators! :) (Smile) 
We relly like this picture and hope we can use it for our tournament! :) (Smile)
We would mention you as a picture artist and put a link to your deviantart! :) (Smile)
This is our FB page:…
Kind regards,
Kosta Pantelic
Jester Gaming
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Sure, as long as you dont make money :)

Thanks for your interest.
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Desculpe minha curiosidade, mas quanto tempo vc levou para fazer essa ilustração?
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Olha, eu não sei exatamente porque foram alguns sábados de manhã hahaha mas no total deve ter somado umas 10~12 horas.
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nowhere to download the big picture?
great art

Do you ever imagine Yi vs Yasuo as Rivals?
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Grrr, I want this as a phone background panorama style so bad. But no option to download full size :(
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Finally found this!!! I love sooo much this pic :poro: :love: remake II 
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Hello! :) (Smile) I really love this work of yours. Dyou mind if i use it for a banner i'm currently working on?
I'll give credits to you on my DA account as well as link it directly to yours. :) (Smile)
Thank you. Heart
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So epic main friend, i cant count how many times ive been in this situation in a match against a Leona, Riot really needs to get some attention back to Diana its such a cool character with amazing mechanics.
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