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League of Legends: Caitlyn

Fake Login Video that Карлен Меликян made with my illustration! (Aaawesome! :heart: )

Video of the painting:…

(28/10) EDIT: Lighten her upper body a little bit, changed her face and add an easter egg. :giggle: Thanks you all for the feedbacks!!:heart:

Aw yeah! I love Caitlyn SO much <3 And as Vi and Jinx has awesome splashes, I thought Cait deserves a new one too! Unfortunately it's not official, but I had LOTS of fun painting her and Piltover!

Hope you guys like it!

Caitlyn & League of Legends (c) Riot Games
Aert (c) GisAlmeida
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amazinggggg >^<
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OMG this devientart is amazing dude
GisAlmeida's avatar
Are you brazilian, just curiosity 
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Dud that's awesome <333
Zalouris's avatar
I love it. And I love the easteregg, too ;3
I actually found it pretty fast XD
KuroNoShinigami1's avatar
I love this picture *-* Caitlyn is beautiful and I love how you did the background ! I wish i could draw like this on computer
First, I really don't know if i should like this "style" of Caitlyn.
But at the second view, I really fell in lover here.
That's amazing. Really.
Awesome job!
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Love Piltover <3
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Very nicely done piece !
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Looks great.  I would love some tutorials on how to paint characters like that.  Can't tell what people are doing in speed paint vids.  Need a step by step with commentary.
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I just checked some of your arts and oh my god they are so incredibly awesome !!!
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love it, my gf will surely like it since she's a cait fan
iiCamie's avatar
Looks a lot to the new improved caitlyn splash art :O Great work tho!
iFriskyDingo's avatar
Which photoshop do you use? 
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I found Jinx! :D Awesome art gj
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