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Metro+ Luna

Yes, this is a continuation of Metro+ from Windows 7 but now, this will only be available for Windows 8. I think you get my point. I dont want to write long essays here but enjoy the theme and i hope you like it... Now, i wonder if how many people will download this within the next 24 the way, wallpapers might look low-res because it was so sorry for that... Uhm, next would be uhm... i don't know may be a metro+ aqua? or metro+ ubuntu? i'm not sure but if you're reading this just comment what do you want to be up next.

  • Colorizable
  • Works with any Windows 8 version (Must be patched for theming) -not for windows 8.1
  • Includes 3 theme with wallpapers (1 theme locked) and a READ ME file (Please read it first)
I will not take credit for any UI or GUI developed by major and large corporations

If you bought and downloaded Metro+ Luna (Evening), just extract, copy and merge it to the (Your drive letter):> Windows> Resources> Themes directory.
NOTE: You must first install the default Metro+ Luna theme.

Guys, I'm looking forward to update this visualstyle/theme but just a few months a go I broke my computer screen. Fortunately, it was fixed but they replaced it with a smaller dimension of 1024x600 and now most of the apps don't display like it used to be. Sorry guys if you're expecting any updates or themes from me, that would take a long time since I'm still in school/college and i don't have the money for any good pcs... - 5/5/2014

No more future updates

Comments:shoutbox: & Favs:+fav: are truly appreciated !
( 1st comment & 1st fav = Llama )

If you have problems, suggestions, or demand for a permission, just comment below or send me a note
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This is really nice! But when I right click on a window in the taskbar, the pop-up menu is all glitched up. Is there a way to fix this?
I am using Windows 8.1.
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No way! This works on Windows 10 (sort of...). The animations don't work that well, but it's fine
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I used this theme in Windows 8.1, it worked except the "pin this program to taskbar" and "close window" icons look oversized. Can you update for Windows 8.1?
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Win 8.1 Update please?
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the nostalgia is real
will this theme update for windows 8.1?

love this theme, using in windows 8.1 for a long time.
Love this theme. Any hope for window 8.1?
Will it work ok with Windows 8.1??
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fix this bug ffs i cannot click on the edge of Show desktop button
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Is there not a link for this without the locked content? I can't afford it, and I don't want to clutter up the hard drive with things I can't afford :(
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i have windows 8
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Nice theme!! any chance it working on 8.1 update 1?
Your theme is wonderful!

I have three found three bugs:…
The maximize and minimize buttons will be better white (better in bold) not black;…
The title of windows sometimes gets with blue background…
The jumplist is broken.

I'm using Windows 8.1 Update 1.

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Pretty awesome XP theme for win 8/8.1!!
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Thanks again for your hard work. Featured -…
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REPLY TO Hasthur
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i was just about posting something in your profile

i didn't know if you will do mods for windows 8 (since i had just updated mine) cause your aero+ is my fav windows 7 mod

ty very much ~Giro54 and i hope you make more outstanding mods :D

ps: have you ever done skins for launchers? i has been using xwdock 2.x.x.x since a while ago

best regards
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deleted the files as soon as I saw it was a pay deal for evening VS. I don't pay for themes. To be honest I assumed it was a pay deal when I saw one theme was locked, pretty obvious really.
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Love using breeze on my laptop, but would you be able to make it for windows 7? I'd love to use it on my desktop.
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Oh, interesting:D! I like it.
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This is awesome. I like your win7 version and I glad to see this Win8 port.
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You should update this VS for Windows 8.1, because jumplists are displayed wrongly.
There isnt a fix for that i heard yet...
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I heard opposite. I saw some people chatting about Windows 8.1 VSs and one of them said that after export to Win8.1, Win8 VSs need some tweaking with margins.

BTW, I saw a new place which should be tweaked—Photoshop Save As dialog places bar (that bat contains Computer, Documents, etc.).
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