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Want to say hi? Please read this...

2 min read
Hello lovely people of DA! I just thought I'd put this here as I've missed a few peoples messages here recently. Why? Because Deviant Art is my last stop. If I run out of time for online 'stuff' Deviant Art isn't checked, it is my last port of call.

So, if you want to contact me, talk geek with me, just say hey, the best thing to do is Facebook. I check my Nerfenstein Facebook Page daily. It is my first port of call. As far as social media goes, I'm also on Twitter and I have a Blog, I check these second (after Facebook). I also have a Tumblr page where I post some stuff, though again, not often. You can also get me on my gmail address, which is where I deal with commissions, is is simply Nerfenstein AT

So basically.. if you want me, check my Facebook Page.. I guess that's what I'm saying. Not that I won't check Deviant Art, because I will at some point, but it doesn't get updated nearly as much as those other things mentioned.
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DeviantArt 'help' staff name change update!

2 min read
Thought those who were interested in my name change F-Up post might want an update with how that all went. Firstly the first guy who was dealing with it was zero help, so I asked to speak to someone else, he was useless and unfriendly... customer care fail. The next person I got however was helpful (as helpful as they could be) and explained what the problem was, as opposed to brushing me off. This of course calms a situation, so even though I'm still not happy about the outcome, I am happy with the way it was eventually handled by someone who actually understands how to respond to a customers issue (ie trying to actually HELP as opposed to passive aggressive non explaining).

Essentially I can't change my username ever. DA's back-end apparently CANNOT EVER delete an account fully... pretty weird right? I would have thought that broke some sort of privacy law, but there you go, once you've signed up for an account they can't delete it.... EVER. So I reinstated the Nerfenstein account (it's blank) and decided to just still use this one going forward. The second customer service person said they could transfer my premium account if I wanted to use the Nerfenstein account, but it would be blank, no watcher transfer, no views transfer, no gallery, record of who I'm watching etc. it would be starting all over again. That's why I opted to keep this account.

So there you have it... no actual help in that they didn't let me change the username, because their IT people haven't enabled that in the back-end (which I still find odd but that's just me). Still at least the second customer care person explained the issue and offered a partial solution.

Looks like I'm stuck here at GirlyGamerAU

Angela aka Nerfenstein
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DeviantArt 'help' staff and no sense name change!

2 min read
Just had my first open ticket with DA Staff - ongoing a couple of messages back and forth - to say I'm baffled and disappointed is an understatement. The 'staff' member 'helping' me has been ZERO help, not even attempting to sound remotely interested in my problem and slightly passive aggressive with his one line response. I assume they just cut and paste replies from a list of 'rules that cannot EVER be broken', even if they make zero sense.

I wanted to change my username, however I had registered the name I use elsewhere as safe keeping so no one else could do so (as it's my brand). At that point you couldn't change your username. I figured if we were ever allowed to change our usernames I would simply delete the safekeeping brand account (which was empty) and change this username to that name.. problem solved... but no, things aren't that logical at DeviantArt HQ. You see even when you delete another account it's dead.. it's dead forever like it's still registered and there is flap all you can do about it. Sure it's not there anymore, sure no one else is using it, sure it's YOUR brand name, but SCREW YOU DA member, we'll take your money for premium accounts, but we will be ZERO help in solving this problem, we will though send you a passive aggressive tainted response to say "Yeah that's what I meant" when you ask "so even though it's deleted and free I can never EVER use that username now?".

Absolutely ridiculous.
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No Time for Deviant Art

2 min read
I'm sure this is a problem a lot of people with multiple social networks have... no time to update them all. If you like my mods here, the best place to stay up to date with me is my Nerfenstein Facebook Page, this is the page I generally update FIRST with new mods and I check it most often, it's also the best place to interact with me aside from direct email or Nerfenstein Twitter. My GirlyGamer Blog is also updated regularly and generally features additional pictures and info from Facebook (though usually later than Facebook).

I WISH I had time to keep as up to date with Deviant Art as I was, I have grown really fond of a lot of artists here, such a creative and kind bunch... I am still looking at your stuff if I'm watching you.. I just don't have time to leave as much commentary as I perhaps previously did.

Hopefully I'll get to speak to you over at Facebook/Nerfenstein (or Twitter Nerfenstein)... if not I guess it will be the rare occasion I actually have enough time to pop over here .. I'm not leaving altogether, I just wanted people to know why I'm not around as much :)
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Finished Mass Effect 3 last night - No spoilers

2 min read
It seems somehow fitting that my first journal entry be about one of my all time favorite video game series, that of "Mass Effect". After 40 hours or so of gameplay, last night I finished Mass Effect 3. I won't give away any story elements here because I hate spoilers, but I will say today I am on a total downer.

When you've invested around 150+ hours in a video game franchise, you hope for and expect the best and as developers BioWare rarely fail the gamer in this respect, but this time they failed horribly. This isn't a whiny post about me not getting my 'happy' ending, though that would have been nice, this is about continuity, a lack of 'choice', something the entire franchise runs on... this is about nonsensical outcomes.

As I said I won't be covering story here, I don't want to spoil it for anyone still playing. Be prepared for plot-holes aplenty. This is where this entire debacle makes no sense to me, surely the devs and even play testers stopped for a moment and thought.. hold on, this isn't right, we've screwed up the entire canon by these events. Apparently not, apparently everyone just went along with the whole silly thing.

You might argue this is good for BioWare, that the reason so many people are talking about the ending is because we're hurt, which in turn means we are emotionally connected, and to a point that's true, but with this emotional connection should come a responsibility by the developer not to let us down and this time, they did, with a thud.

I feel devastated and cheated and I am not alone.
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