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Hello lovely people of DA! I just thought I'd put this here as I've missed a few peoples messages here recently. Why? Because Deviant Art is my last stop. If I run out of time for online 'stuff' Deviant Art isn't checked, it is my last port of call.

So, if you want to contact me, talk geek with me, just say hey, the best thing to do is Facebook. I check my Nerfenstein Facebook Page daily. It is my first port of call. As far as social media goes, I'm also on Twitter and I have a Blog, I check these second (after Facebook). I also have a Tumblr page where I post some stuff, though again, not often. You can also get me on my gmail address, which is where I deal with commissions, is is simply Nerfenstein AT gmail.com.

So basically.. if you want me, check my Facebook Page.. I guess that's what I'm saying. Not that I won't check Deviant Art, because I will at some point, but it doesn't get updated nearly as much as those other things mentioned.
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