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I'm sure this is a problem a lot of people with multiple social networks have... no time to update them all. If you like my mods here, the best place to stay up to date with me is my Nerfenstein Facebook Page, this is the page I generally update FIRST with new mods and I check it most often, it's also the best place to interact with me aside from direct email or Nerfenstein Twitter. My GirlyGamer Blog is also updated regularly and generally features additional pictures and info from Facebook (though usually later than Facebook).

I WISH I had time to keep as up to date with Deviant Art as I was, I have grown really fond of a lot of artists here, such a creative and kind bunch... I am still looking at your stuff if I'm watching you.. I just don't have time to leave as much commentary as I perhaps previously did.

Hopefully I'll get to speak to you over at Facebook/Nerfenstein (or Twitter Nerfenstein)... if not I guess it will be the rare occasion I actually have enough time to pop over here .. I'm not leaving altogether, I just wanted people to know why I'm not around as much :)
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Toodle-pip for now then
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thanks friend u will be missed here
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Thanks for the notice. ;)