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Warhammer 40k inspired commissar bolter Nerf gun

I bring zee the 'Commissar' bullpup Nerf Rayven Bolt gun. Yes it still works, yes there's battery and jam door access <- I figure someone will ask lol.

The style of this one is based on the look of a Warhammer 40K Commissar uniform, with the rear of the blaster akin to the fancy roping and the gold and red colors. Mock Russian font for the Battery compartment.

I did this one awhile back and this is why people should follow me on Facebook as I posted it there October 4 lol.
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hi there, i want to make an inquisitor costume and don't know where to begin. i would very much like to employ your services to assist me. If you're up for it my email address  i hope to hear from you soon
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bullpup bolter
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It is indeed, as I said in my blog post :) Something a little different.
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Thanks matey, I just assumed you'd seen this one already. Working on another Bolter at the moment for someone, I love making these things.
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Well, that is bloody brilliant, that is!
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Thanks Tigadee, people on my Facebook Page seemed to really love this one for some reason, it got loads of likes and shares.
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How much was you know anyone that does this to make money? I would totally commission this kinda shtuff...
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I take commissions, how handy is that? ( with details of what you want).
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This is EPIC!!!!!
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Ta, it's fun to shoot!
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