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Warhammer 40K inspired HESH Bolter Prop

First up credit where it's due. The person who commissioned this prop sent me an image to work from, I always try and track down a source like that and I found it was by DA user *MrRumbles so credit to him for the B&W inset image (direct link here). Hopefully he'll enjoy seeing something he drew brought to life, it was a great image to work from and I'd like to thank him for okaying its use here.

This is a Warhammer 40K inspired HESH Bolter prop. I haven't blogged this yet at my site because it's a multi-build commission and the other things are not quite finished yet.

For the Emperor!
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Love your work and your youtube tutorials inspired me to really get into foam crafting! Thank you!
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sweet love to see a space wolf bolter :) "FOR THE EMPEROR" sorry been playing enternal crusade :P
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Beautiful piece :)
Malcomtanner2's avatar
This is a wonderful piece :D
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Thank You! I just finished a new Bolter Nerf that would go nicely with this one.
GirlyGamerAU's avatar
Thank you, it did turn out pretty sweet!
JohnsonArmsProps's avatar
Awesome work as always!  Really love the paint and finish!
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Thanks Brian, it was a lot of fun.. I think I just bettered it though O_o
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wow... what did you use to make em? I mean, material...
GirlyGamerAU's avatar
Plastic, resin, foam and cloth.
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im a noob wit unfamiliar material, but your props are amazing. thanks for sharing.
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The paint work is especially exquisite. Gorgeous work!
GirlyGamerAU's avatar
Wow... thanks so much, what a lovely thing to say :)
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How cool getting to do a Prop deviation from someone else's art here on DA!  Sure doesn't hurt that it's 40K either. I'm hoping to run across some art that I just have to build!
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He was very generous about it too, giving me permission, his art is very impressive.
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how much was this commission i realy want one now
GirlyGamerAU's avatar
Depends what style, how big, materials etc. You can email me and just detail what it is you're after.. I will point out they're time consuming and therefore not ridiculously cheap.
Thanks for the interest x
Heiryuu's avatar
i would say to scale but i don't know what the most durable materials are.
GirlyGamerAU's avatar
To scale with human usage, or to scale with giant space marine? Most durable would probably be mdf, but that would be hugely heavy, for cosplay foam would be better.
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