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The Thing MacReady Flamethrower Nerf Rayven Mod

Trying to play catchup a little on DA. I did this one ages back now, but here it is on DA. This is a Nerf Rayven blaster (still working) modded as a homage to one of my favorite movies "The Thing" by John Carpenter.

Full write-up about this prop HERE.
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Sweet One of my favorite movies... This would work for Aliens also
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So much greatness, I'm fan of your work! Especially this one considering how F*ing hard is the white color to master. I hope I get somewhere close to your talent someday!
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Aww thank you. I am so sorry it took me all this time to respond. I rarely check DA (I had 15,000+ updates LOL). White is a pain in the neck, but if you have an excuse to dirty it up a little that helps :)
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Great job. I love the gun (and the movie). I think I've got that same piece that you used for the flamethrower (a small pump-action water gun), but I've been reluctant to use it in any projects so far. I'm glad you were able to find a way to attach it without making the gun incapable of shooting permanently.
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Hey Dr D, again as with the above comment, so sorry for my delayed response. Man July was a tough month. I only just loaded DA after a long break and saw your message. Well spotted on the flamethrower, that is exactly where I got it from :)
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outstanding, and a worth homage. How did you mold the canister?

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Check the blog link for a picture of the cannister pre-paint ;p
I went through numerous things before settling on this iced tea bottle, loved the detail in it, worked a treat.
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right on. I appreciate the concept greatly :) 
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Hell yeah! That is awesome! And glad to see you back in action!
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Never been out of action, I just haven't had time to update DA ;p
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Same here! Busy artists are busy!

That thing looks like it'd be a lot of fun to take up on the roof of my house in the winter when the ice dams start forming over the rain gutters. :D
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Looking forward to seeing more then...
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WoW does it shot? *_*
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Yeah you just have to take off the end piece on the barrel and it still fires as it did no problem :)
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WOOOOOW great work!
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