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Nerf Rebelle shark Billy Bass mods - Gun Fishin!

The Nerf Rebelle Shark Guardian and the Nerf Rebelle Fish Crush mod

Something fishy happened in the workshop and it is this! When I first saw the Nerf Rebelle Guardian Crossbow I saw a shark… weird I know, but there you go, it was streamlined, had gills… anyway I went with it. The Pink Crush (ARGH!! WHYYY!!) I modded to have more of a Billy Bass feel.

As always there's more at my website, so feel free to go fishing!
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Ok the first time I saw these I just dismissed them not looking closely.  *kicks self for being annoyed at others not looking close enough at his own works to see what he did*.    Those are awesome  I love the concept and execution.   Bravo
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lol Thanks. I like doing the weird Nerf mods now and again and this was one of those one off crazy ideas out of Nerfenstein's brain.
Yes.. I just referred to myself in third person.. what a wanker ;p
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Nice work, they're almost lifelike. Aside from the part where they shoot foam darts of course... :P
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LOL Yeah.. that would be a bit weird.
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 knew thathe big one had potential
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There are so many ways you could do that one :)
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yea it's basically a Maverik in the body of a crossbow and since the "boys" cross bow for the zombie line 1 isn't out till2014 and 2 is single shot I can live with the looks i'll get buying this along w some sand paper and some spray paint

i'm kinda leaning twords mage punk if i do one though steampunk is cool but when Pheneas and Ferb do a steampunk episode it might be time to move on
GirlyGamerAU's avatar
Magepunk.. interesting, I assume that's what say Shadowrun would fall into as a subgenre?
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yea Shadowrun Deadlands (though it's sort of half mage punk half steampunk) another series i read called it "Arc deco" and takes place in an alt version of "The Republic of Texas" would also fit
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