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Nerf Rebelle Gender Bending - Hammershot Revenge

I did this one some time ago, but as usual, no time to update DA. This was a mod I did to show how color aesthetic tricks the mind into gender departmentalizing. The 'girls' blaster becomes more masculine and the 'female' blaster becomes more feminine. Note, I despise these boxes the toy industry uses, thus the point of this mod.
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I love this mod!!! i want it so much!!
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Awesome builds! I have one of each, and the Sweet Revenge just felt like a cleaner slate for building on than the Hammershot, which I ended up just painting.
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i love the sweet revenge
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Now I find myself wanting a Hammer Shot...
Pretty interesting that it's simply the colors that most people associate with gender specificity.
That'll learn 'em...
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Dat Sweet Revenge! Wow!
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the paint is ghastly but the rebelle guns are sweet builds i wanna get that repeating dart crossbow
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MIGHT have to get the hammer shot...
Hell the Revenge as well. Loving the Hammer much more in your scheme actually too,its feminine without being girly pink however. Always loved the idea of the wrapped grip,funny they added this themselves
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Yeah I like that as well, though a lot of Nerf fans seem to hate it. I was pretty pleased with that one out of the two of them :)
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Wow that rebelle looks fantastic.
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Really good article, to be expected given the source.
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honestly i understand the annoyance people have with having pink "girls" guns but i honestly think the colors are cool and im a male and will actually be buying the pink ones and not changing the colors
also this color swap looks epic
GirlyGamerAU's avatar
Yeah, I'm with you though, I don't think the problem is the color of the guns, it's the way the guns are specifically marketed. Why can't ALL Nerf guns be marketed to everyone? I think that's more the problem really :)
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i fully agree they need adds with guys and girl fighting it out using any and all of them not just the "girls" and "boys" gun but with a mixture of the guns.
also in there defense what they might of been trying to do (unsuccessfully) is make "guns" aimed at young girls to get more of them into them, cause honestly while i know alot of girls who have them they are also geeky girls so are a little bit more inclined to get them..
GirlyGamerAU's avatar
Yeah that was definitely the idea, same reason they released bows, because of The Hunger Games and Brave. Hopefully now the Rebelle line are out, future releases will be marketed toward both guys and girls, regardless of whether it's Rebelle or regular Nerf. :)
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one can only but hope
P0LYRHYTHM's avatar
ugh why can't girl's toys and boy's toys look the same?
they'd all look cool shooting the same nerf gun :/
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You got me, the toy industry seems very backward when it comes to such things, walking down the girls aisle in the toy store makes me nauseous ;p
Actually many female real gun enthusiasts would like fashion colours for their guns, but it is still a mistake to ONLY offer pink. Guys have many to choose from if they don't want black and plastic or stainless and woodgrain, but girls are only marketed pink ones. Of course, modders could get the child to design their own schemes and paint it for them...
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