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Harley Quinn pop gun hammer props Harleen Quinzel

Another commission done, this time it's Harley Quinn's 'pop' gun and giant hammer. These are for a lovely girl who is going to cosplay Harleen 'Harley Quinn' Quinzel in a photoshoot with Batman, can't wait to see them in full swing... bad pun!

As always there's a full write-up at my blog for those who want more info. This was a commission that had sat dormant for some time, so it was great someone came along and breathed new life into it and I got to finish it finally. Harley Quinn FTW!
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By far the best hammer prop I have seen!
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Is there a tutorial of how to make this hammer from scratch??? :\ I love it. Would like to make my own for my cosplay. I love this hammer!!! :D
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a little question on the side:
the gun cant shoot the cork right? *_*

keep up the very good work
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haha no, sadly not, it was done purely for a photoshoot, the result of which you can see here:…
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thx for the link^^

and again very nice work

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I love them! I've been thinking about making a giant hammer like that for a while. What kind of foam did you use, and how did you carve it so realistically? It looks absolutely fantastic!
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i want this hammer! thissss hammer it's so lovely omg AWESOME work :D
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Well aren't you a little ray of sunshine, thank you :)
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haha, no problem :D
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Wonderful detail on the props. I'm sure the Harley Quinn cos player will have hoot with them. (thumbsup)
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Aww thank you, I really went to town on the detail on this one because it was for a photoshoot so it needed to be quite defined.
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