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Borderlands Claptrap Nerf mod Display - CL4P-TP

Catching up on uploading some of my more recent mods and props, including this little guy, the Nerf Vortex Proton Claptrap mod. If you have seen my Mav2D2, Alien, Rayven Rail and other 'hidden' mods, you will know I love working with the original aesthetic and seeing shapes and things that lay within. The Nerf Proton shape lends itself nicely to a Borderlands Claptrap build. Needless to say a lot of hours went into this guy and yes, it still fires, though I did it for more of a display piece.

More info and images as always at my blog:
Borderlands Claptrap Nerf mod.
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DeviatedCarnage's avatar… got some love from Claptrap himself..
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Absolutely amazing.. was so chuffed.
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What Material are you using?  It Looks Awesome
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A few different things, wires, styrene, apoxie. Mainly the paint brought it all together.
So now he is the cannon! Instead of being shot by one lol :P
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Hey! Minion! Why is there a gun strapped to my head?
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Hahahaha great comment!
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Haha that's MAD!
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Madness is by business ;p
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I am absolutely in love with this!!
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I'm a bit in love with this one myself :)
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wouldn't this be Clip Trap *rimshot*
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thought you would like that if you have given it the serial number St1n8-t4p then it could be Shooting trap which is what shooting clay pigeons is sometimes called
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That's really amazing... and fun-looking!
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Thanks Tigadee, he is indeed fun.
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Out-friggin-standing dear! I have to say, you have me thoroughly impressed!
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Aww thanks. It's not often I do a mod and I love it myself, I am usually far too picky and self critical, but I do love this little guy.
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yeah, this is truely a masterpiece of nerf/borderlands collab. You should be extremely proud :) 
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This is absolutely amazing. o.o
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