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Daily Deviation
September 22, 2019
6000 years by GirlWithTheGreenHat
Featured by TsaoShin
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6000 years

    Happily waiting,
    All on my own,
    Under the endless sky
    Counting the seconds, standing alone,
    As thousands of years go by

    Happily wondering, night after night,
    Is this how it works?
    Am I doing it right?

i can’t watch old episodes of SU anymore without thinking about spinel simultaneously standing in the garden waiting for someone who isn’t coming back :’)
this is officially my most complicated and longest-taking piece ive ever made so please enjoy it, i almost broke my hand over it

merp derp also available on redbubble as officially licensed merch thanks to redbubble's partner program:…

edit - am i an opportunist for saying "hey im saving for a car and art is my only income rn so please check out my ko-fi and commission links below if you can" ??? probably. :iconlazycryrollplz:

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SparklyFerret869's avatar
SparklyFerret869's avatar

And congrats on the Daily Deviation

AngryDota2's avatar

Man, how I love to see Steven and his friends grown up and become stronger by time ^^

Lord-of-all-Darkness's avatar
In some way this is really, really beautiful. Haven't watched the newer episodes yet but this makes me want to do so!
Thunderson4228's avatar
the pain she felt standing alone in one spot for 6000 fricking years must have a lot more than words can describe.
MadRabbitComix's avatar
This is incredible! Argh, love it so much! (Coming from someone who isn't a SU fan, Spinel's story is heartbreaking :( )
NiceMoose19's avatar
I f**king love this
Greenant34's avatar

Adding that to the ever growing list of bad things pink/rose did

why do i feel it continue to SUF....

Is it possible for this to be made any more sad?…
It is now.
thomasfm's avatar
steven: meets lions

spinel: standing in the garden  
Knight-BIshop's avatar
Steven is a better person than Rose Quartz or Pink Diamond ever was. Steven would have never abandoned someone like that
alv231's avatar
Pink is a horrible person for doing that
alv231's avatar
She went on to have a life on earth and Spinel is just standing there alone... waiting... watching her only friend drift away, completely forgotten...
Katelyn2119's avatar
I feel really bad for Spinel. She didn't deserve that. :(
alv231's avatar
Again, Pink is a horrible person for doing that
AcornDude123's avatar
And for turning her subjects against each other in a war thats like a game to her and lying to everyone. Ever since Single Pale Rose I've thought this about her, Sapphire had every right to be angry.
alv231's avatar
Yep, Pink Diamond single-handedly caused chaos throughout the galaxy, and Steven had to fix it
AcornDude123's avatar
That's not to say the diamonds are any better she fits right in, I'm just mad their redemption was rushed as heck. Darth Vader did similar deeds, but it took 3 movies before he finally decided to stand up and kill Palpatine, sacrificing himself. What'd White get? Embarrassed because she blushed and a stern talking to? Yeah I wasn't a fan of Change Your Mind. The movie though was pretty good even if I personally am not a huge fan of SU as a whole, the movie's probably my favorite "episode" so to speak.
lightman2120's avatar
Arg! This one hit me hard!
TheLittlestPika's avatar
I'm crying! It's so good! ;;
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