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Prussia X Reader
Prussia x Reader
 Loud music, grinding bodies and the never-ending sound of Gilbert shouting about his “five meters”, You rolled your eyes and sighed…
“How the hell did I get stuck with this dick…. And that’s not even the worst part, alone in a booth, watching your secret crush lament about his legendary five meters.”
Gilbert jugged down a mug of beer before stumbling towards you
“Hey liebe…vhy aren’t you danzing with zee awzome Prussia?”
He tried to smile but the drunk platinum haired Prussian ended up with a sloppy smirk…you sighed then said…
“Lets take you home so you don’t end up face first on the floor”
“Liebe don’t tell mien bruder…he zinks I’m at Spains house” Prussia admitted.
You gave him a look of slight humor then proceeded to say…
“Gilbert you better hurry before your brother comes for you!!...He’ll take away your preci
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Levi x Reader (Modern) Twerk that!
You where mindlessly flipping through pages in your favorite book, currently you where at a sleepover with a few of your best friends.
You yawned then placed down your book, you then looked around, jean and Eren thumb wrestle while mikasa watches anxious to help eren, even though he currently was winning.
Across the room the host, Krista spoke with levi happily even though you and Krista were best friends you couldn't help but feel jealous that she was talking with the hottest guy at the sleepover.
She turned then exclaimed happily "Truth or dare...c'mon lovelies get in a circle~" she smiled then watched as everyone got into a sloppy circle. She then joined them, you hesitated to go foreword but did so anyways, levi had went at the same time as you accidentally bumping into you.
Your eyes widened as you found yourself blushing like a mad woman, he apologized but you stood frozen blushing and stuttering. You then fumbled to brush a few bangs from your face away before turning and awkwar
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Thorin x Reader (spoilers ahead )
( I do not own The hobbit.)
Bilbo pauses then turns to face you, his eyebrows furrowed.
"What do you mean (y/n)" he questioned his voice full of curiosity and guilt.
"The gold possessed him with powers that the gods can't posses" you looked at the glimmering gold that filled the large room.
"It took him away and swept him in the waves of sickness. I saw hints when I first met him, but I did not simply stay and ponder over that small see on this journey I and Gandalf had taken notice of his odd behavior towards the jewels and coins before we came upon the mountain, he seemed to be lured in like a fish on a hook. I fell in love with Thorin Oakenshield but now all I see is a empty shell of a man I once loved dearly..." You said sadly as tears once again fell down your soft cheeks.
Bilbo looked down staring at the Arkenstone that crazed Thorin, he looked at you before tucking a stray strand of hair from your eyes.
"Look at me (y/n) I promise you that I'll help my fr
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Thorin x Reader (SPOILERS AHEAD)
Taking a step forward you stood past Thorin, sadly you turned back tears rushing down your cheeks
"What kind of king are you Thorin?, I didn't help claim back your throne only to be accused of robbery!"
"(Name) you always knew that taking the Atkenstone meant you'd be the ruler! I thought you where my love but you stole!"
You gulped and wiped away your tears, you marched up to him before kissing his warm rough lips.
He stood frozen before being released by your stone hard grip.
"Accuse me all you want, for today you lost me!"
You spun around then rushed down the broken stairs and halls, your boots echoed quite loudly as you ran to a small corner trying to escape the reality that faced you just moments ago.
Bilbo watched you and Thorin fight, he gazed into his pocket eyeing the arkenstone, quickly he turned and followed. Hours passed till he found you in tears crying about Thorin.
Quietly he asked "(name)?"
You frozen not answering him
He stepped forward before coming to comfort you "(n
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Let It go... Oh My gawd!!! by Girlwhoplaysgames Let It go... Oh My gawd!!! :icongirlwhoplaysgames:Girlwhoplaysgames 0 0
Mature content
Legolas x Reader lemon :icongirlwhoplaysgames:Girlwhoplaysgames 85 66


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